“Desperate people do desperate things”……


I notice that statement can apply to many facets of life, including the assiduous schemes a person will endure in their desire to lose weight.
Last week I was discussing my plan to launch ‘30 Days To Get Shredded” program with an acquaintance and she told me she has struggled with her body image for as long as she could remember and that she would do anything to lose weight. She told me she was so desperate to lose weight that she is always extreme dieting (which for this blog’s purpose is defined as eating less than 1200 calories daily ) and she exercises at least 2 hours every day.
To me that just smells of desperation.
I try to squeeze in 30 – 40 minutes of exercise a day and I eat minimal of 1500 calories on a GOOD day. (But remember the rules: we don’t count calories on this plan – eat until full!!! !)
The point being, this woman felt so desperate to lose weight that she has been willing to give up any enjoyment and appreciation for healthy living because she did not understand that food is meant to be eaten when done so in a non abusive way.
I wrote down my rules and sent her a sample eating plan to accommodate her dietary restrictions and food preferences.
Flash forward a week later (Even though only day 3 of ‘Get Shredded in 30 days’ so no worries if you are following along- you are still on track!)….She could not contain her excitement when she saw me at the gym this afternoon and told me that for the first time in ages she has so much energy and feels terrific. She said she lost 2 pounds, nothing significant, but to her she “felt healthier” than any other  time she was on a crash diet and even when she had lost even more weight on the scale.
She admitted that she hadn’t eaten a “carb” in months and for the first few days she felt guilty eating a sweet potato. (I could not relate on any level unfortunately due to the fact that i am still struggling mentally to destroy my cookie habit) but I did relate to the energetic outburst she felt as her body adjusted to being refueled for a change.
Take away: Your body is like a car and needs fuel to run properly. Just because you think gas is too expensive doesn’t mean that you can expect your car to work with out it. Similarly, your body needs the right food (fuel) to run properly and if you plan to go anywhere in your ambition to get fit and live a long healthy life, than you need to ignore  any previous misconceptions that “carbs are bad” and understand that calorie restricting is not good for your metabolism and anything with the word “diet” in it simply doesn’t work.
Make this a lifestyle and select healthy food options.
Some reminders:
  1. Choose complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat bread and high fiber cereals. NO WHITES! (Flour)
  2. Include lean protein and healthy fats in each meal.
  3. Eat 3 meals a day and close the kitchen after 6:30pm
  4. never go more than 3 hours in between eating something (even if it’s just a  light snack)
  5. Drink WATER- PLENTY OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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