Go ahead and add the milk…. One of my friends doesn’t give her kids milk. Her reasoning is that milk is “fattening” as its added calories that are unnecessary. She drinks her own coffee black. This is coming from a woman whose kitchen pantry looks like the junk food aisle in Costco exploded inside. Her mind set may seem obfuscating to many but in reality so many of us excuse things and replace rational logic with irrational justifications. I had a client who once told me he never drafts up operating agreements to protect himself from liability. His reasoning was it’s a litigious world we live in and no matter how technical a written agreement is it can’t prevent one from being sued. This same justification is undoubtedly unsound but to him it made sense. As does not drinking milk does to my friend. We do this all the time with the choices we make. I for instance will pass up the piece of cake for dessert but later in the week more often than not – late at night- ill scarf down a box of Oreos. I elected to bypass a single serving of something I deemed bad for me but I justified that if I am going to eat a cookie later I may as well eat the entire box and start fresh the next morning. Illogical reasoning leads to justification and ultimately unhealthy and sometimes destructive behavior. Years ago before the super size me generation fully developed I had a friend who would order double burgers with fries and wash it down with a diet coke. Gd help the waiter who would accidentally bring her regular coke as they would never hear the end of it from her! But again, her reasoning (i.e.: justification) was that she did not want to waste calories on soda . She never missed dessert! If we all just stopped reasoning with ourselves and just thought it through completely – just maybe we will all be better off. Or at the very least, honest

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