Don’t just stand there! Or do?

I got to the gym a little late this morning. My usual front and center spot was taken so I circled the parking lot a few times. I ended up parking just a bit further away and as I was schlepping my heavy gym bag I silently cursed out the guy who took my spot. (I told you I have a lot of “anger”- use it positively!) Then it occurred to me that here I was all annoyed that I had to walk an extra 30 seconds to go into a place that I was prepared to run or bike for 50 minutes. ( Mind you it was glorious out this morning with no concern or excuse for inclement weather- just sheer laziness. )

I lived in the city for 19 years and walked everywhere. We had no choice, nobody takes out their cars even if they have them in the city to drive a few blocks away. It is unheard of to give up a great parking spot in Manhattan. (People in the city also wear comfortable shoes- Carrie and Samantha and their Manolos only come out on HBO. ) I would walk from Fairway with 6 grocery bags the 5 blocks back to my apartment without thinking twice. It was actually a favorite pass time to walk the streets of Manhattan and stop in and out of the many shops. Even when I was 9 months pregnant I would walk 30 blocks to work every day in lieu of having to shove my preggo butt into a subway car. Every weekend my kids would walk over a mile through central park to the zoo and now they complain when they have to walk up the block to their friend’s house.

I blame it on suburbia. (But then again I blame everything on suburbia so what else is new).

There was a Harvard research study done on the correlation between exercise and calories and their effect on weight fluctuation over the course of 13 years. They concluded that the women who lost the most weight and KEPT IT OFF exercised every day for an hour at a very low intensity such as brisk walking. They tended to have a lower body weight and reported that they had been walking for years. (This proves my point from prior post to just get out and move!)
Even more exciting, they did a study on people who did nothing all day but sit. The other group did nothing in particular but stand all day. They concluded that the energy expended from those that stood all day was remarkably more significant than those sitting down. They established that you don’t need to go for a long run – just don’t sit down!
This is not breaking news to me because no matter how much I try I never sit still. (Leg lifts at Costco) Even when I’m forced to sit in a meeting I do butt clenches. (The challenge is to keep a straight face).

I truly believe in the theory that if you are constantly moving you will expend enough calories in a day to enjoy eating. Don’t count your calories –eat clean. Eat enough to satisfy and take a walk or just stand up instead.

Thoughts for the day:

Park a bit further than usual.

Stand up while talking on the phone at your desk (and squat). Just be careful what you’re wearing. Someone once walked in on me while doing sit ups on the floor by my desk in a skirt– (wasn’t pretty.)

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

These are not new ideas but sometimes (me included) it’s good to be reminded that it’s ok to use your feet. That’s what they are there for.

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