You move it you lose it……

Back in early December when those of us in New Jersey experienced our first substantial snowfall and my cul de sac was so heavily covered that even the snow plower wasn’t able to reach my driveway, I had decided to go outside with a handy shovel and clear us out myself. After about an hour of sweat and blood and what i guesstimated to be 800 calories exerted, I decided that doing things myself -the old fashioned way- was really good stress release and – bonus!- good exercise.
I tried to make it a game of just how many body parts I could work out while squatting down to lift the shovel and lungeing toward the next layer of snow. Not to the mention the arduous oblique work  I was getting in while turning the shovel to the opposite side of my body.
Flash forward to summer. I know its been a few weeks since Ive logged in and offered words of wisdom and encouragement for all you fellow shredders, but alas, its been for good reason.
I have been in the process of liquidating and donating every item in my house- because we are hastily and excitedly moving out of state to sunny Florida! The decision to move isn’t new, in fact its been on our minds for a while however, the incredible opportunity to move to Florida- a Chicago girls dream come true- was pretty recent. The point is shredders, I have taken on a new form of do it yourself exercise:
Packing, discarding, moving and carrying boxes! HEAVY boxes,
I have not had a consistent gym work out routine in weeks, yet my arms and back are ripped! It occurred to me once again that doing household chores yourself- they heavy lifting kind- is truly the way to go for intense interval weight lifting and metabolism boosting exercise.
Lesson learned: when you are at the gym, don’t just perform a consistent weight training routine. Think outside the box (yes the moving box if you will) and lift a little heavier, carry a little longer and bend, stretch, push, pull your body just a little more than usual. Even  short amount of time lifting heavier weights (correctly- protect your backs people!) will do ya good.
Todays workout:
1. start off with a light warm up
2. then take a kettle ball that is 5 lbs heavier than you’re used to. perform 20 swings while keeping your back straight and core tight/firm. keep the swing central to the front of your body.
3. 20 lunges in place with two – 10 lb. dumbbells in each hand. make sure to keep the lunge in your legs and keep your back straight
4. then get down and do 20 push ups- use those knees! nothing wrong with that as long as your entire front of your body lowers to the floor and your face is kissing the ground
5. turn over and do 20 sit ups – only this time hold a 10 lb dumbell and as you sit up for the upper portion of the crunch lift the weight up above your head but slightly out in front of your chest.
repeat 4 times
More tomorrow- in between my packing

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