Grocery store workouts

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is that they just don’t have time to exercise. Work, school, car pool etc often take priority over fitness.

I have always loved to work out. I truly enjoy it. But I too get caught up with work or kids etc and don’t always get a chance to squeeze in a workout. On those days I force myself to just do 5 minutes of sit ups before bed. If I’m in a hotel (I used to travel for work often) I would lay a towel down and justify that if I only did 5 minutes of something then that would be a bonus to my day.

Try talking yourself into just a few minutes. Seems easy- after all what’s 5 minutes out of your entire day? Without fail when I have completed my 5 minutes I somehow convince myself that I’m already lying down so why not do just 2 minutes of booty bridges (my term for lifting your hips in the air while lying on your back in a bridge position). Then, as long as you’re already there why not squeeze in a few pushups (admittedly my weakness) then a few planks and yoga moves. Gentle enough and easy stretching before bed. Kind of relaxing actually. Before you know it – you have just completed a 20 minute workout!

Bonus move I swear by: while waiting in line at Costco- try leg lifts! Hold onto the cart and kick your leg straight out in back of you. Count 20 then switch legs. Then kick out to your side and switch legs. Now try letting go of the cart and keep your balance. Good way to keep the line moving!

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