Day 18…Smiles everyone! Smiles!!!

I was warming up on the bike at the gym and I found myself singing aloud. Truthfully I hadn’t even realized I was singing in any audible capacity until I got “the look” from the 65+ year old woman sitting  on the bike next to me. You’ve all met her before, the one at every gym who thinks she is the police of all gym etiquette. The one who lectures you that you didn’t wipe off the machine well enough for her or you didn’t place the mat back exactly the way you found it or the one who complains that it’s too hot to cold too wet too dry.
At first I was too distracted by the captivating tunes
I was signing out loud to – such as, but not limited to, Richard Simmons sweatin to the oldies and other really cool “classic” rock.
Well, the old me would have given her a repugnant glare and stared her down until she backed off or I would have opened my mouth right back with some quick witted remark that would no doubt have left me feeling guilty since I was always taught to respect my elders, but no, not the new me. The new 30 day shredder me made the very positive decision to smile brightly and give her a little wink, implying I respect her turf and I wholeheartedly understood that singing is not proper gym decorum so I slowly backed away and silently grooved to the Beach Boys.
Was it wrong for her to “force” me to stop singing ? Perhaps. Did I handle it correctly by smiling at her? Absolutely!
You see, what occurred after that little smile was a little sense of self achievement. I didn’t fully understand its power right away but soon enough my smile caught the eye of the person standing near by and she smiled back then another person smiled…. before I knew it I had slowly started a chain of GLEE!
Smile therapy is not a new concept in mood elevation, in fact there have been studies that have proven that smiling physiologically lowers levels of the stress hormones cortisol,  lowers blood pressure, induces muscles to relax, improves respiration, and boosts the immune system. Taoists have preached for years that the inner smile insured health, happiness and longevity. They teach that smiling to yourself is like basking in love: you become your own best friend. Living with an inner smile is to live in harmony with yourself. Gotta love the Taos!!
Today’s post:
“……forgot how you explained a burpee.  Please elaborate.”
ME: Good reminder that there are many of you who have not learned some of the exercises I describe in my blog and Im MORE than happy to demonstrate.
A burpee is a full body exercise that can be performed with a jump at the end or no jump depending on your fitness level.
  1. Begin in a standing position.
  2. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground in front of you.
  3. Kick your feet back while lowering yourself into a plank position (your body is parallel to the ground and face is looking directly at the floor).
  4. Return your feet to the squat position by jumping back while straightening your arms.
  5. Leap up as high as possible from the squat position with your arms overhead (you may want to clap your hands above your head at the peak of your jump- this is simply to applaud yourself for a job well done!!!)
Enjoy your day shredders!!

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