5 Tips to make it through Thanksgiving…..

So here we are – the week of Thanksgiving.
To some, the Thanksgiving meal is like any other weekend with friends and lots of food. To others, it’s the day of gluttony and family feuding.
There’s also the in between category of just a day off and the option to eat and / or relax.
I look at Thanksgiving as another opportunity to start drinking at noon.
Here are 5 few tips to get you through it no matter which category describes you:
  1. EAT BEFORE the feast.   This is my NUMBER ONE rule and applies to ALL catered functions or large events. The logic of saving up calories for the big meal almost always ends up in sabotage. There’s never any good that comes from starving yourself no matter how long the time frame and then sitting down to a big meal.
Eat something to satisfy you and curb your appetite.
2.Remain with the MAIN! Try to indulge on REAL food such as turkey or roast rather than the side dishes that are most likely laden with sugar and trans fat.
3. HYDRATE!!! again this rule applies ALWAYS. And i don’t mean on liquor or soda. DRINK WATER!! (and of course wine is allowed).
Rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. My rule is to mix the alcohol with some Tasti Seltzer (Clear Delite category) it lasts longer.
4. Don’t reduce portions or count calories. Eat as much as you can fit on one dinner size plate. DO however decline seconds.
5. Eat slowly and take your time tasting everything on your plate. Truly enjoy the meal. (And if you need to have your mouth full in order to get out of talking to someone next to you- excuse yourself and help in the kitchen).
In my case I don’t like thanksgiving fare- i actually sit down to a plate of fish, veges and sweet potato etc before the feast that way I am not hungry and save room for dessert. (It also helps to drink when you’re not on an empty stomach!)
Enjoy the holiday and don’t fret that your gym is closed. Its a day. Get over it.

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