7 is magic


7 of my favorite fitness secrets:

1. Never drink soda. Not even diet. Train yourself to love water. It’s an acquired taste. Acquire it ASAP

2. Treat your kitchen like it’s a restaurant and close it after 9pm. If you’re bored, can’t sleep, anxious, stressed….sorry kitchens closed.

3. Take an apple to bed. You may be disappointed in the moment but you will be happy in the morning that it wasn’t ice cream.

4. Greek yogurt and fat free/sugar free pudding! Mix the dry pudding (yes dry) directly into the yogurt, add some almonds and freeze for 10 minutes. Like a DQ blizzard only none of the guilt

5. Eat fat!! Healthy unsaturated – loaded with omega 3s fat! Salmon. Grill it. Bake it – whatever- just eat it. Fatty fish is so filling, so heart healthy, so good for you ! Or add avocado to your salad- ( don’t be afraid of good fat!)

6. Exercise in the early morning while you are still so sleepy and have a chance to realize its ridiculously early. Don’t talk yourself out of it
You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish while the kids are still asleep or before work. Exercise is like pizza. Even when its bad its good.

7. Change it up! If you usually spin go for a run. Buy a fitness DVD. I love “Jillian Michaels 30 day shred”! Plyometrics ! you will be surprised what a powerful workout you can get in just 20 minutes. Love her

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