7 is magic…….

Day 8 and I have a confession to make. Yesterday I broke several rules. (warning: This is not a recap blog nor will it be negative but a mere glimpse into my human side that is meant to show you that we are all normal even if we fall a little off the wagon- its OK and we just need to get right back on!!)
I started off my early morning perfectly on par with a complete nutritious breakfast and 24 oz of water.
I even went for a 3 mile walk and played ball outside most of the day with the kiddies.
It was about 4 pm when I broke my first rule and ate a trigger food (not mentioning what or how much – reason to follow….) which just led to a really off track day to say the least.
Rather than dwell on the negative (rule #2) I decided to go to bed with a glass of wine(my 4th for the day) and waive my right to recap over the things we can’t take back.
So the reason behind my not dwelling on what and how much i went off course is that  today is officially the first day of week 2 of 30 days to get shredded and I am back to following my own NUMBER one rule : STAY POSITIVE!!!!!
I will not allow ONE bad day of old habits that die hard to kill my week of being a devout shredder. When we fall from grace make it graceful and don’t allow it to spiral into a Brittany or a Lindsey where theres no chance of a comeback in sight, but rather, turn it into a valuable lesson.
Are you with me? the only thing I will look back and analyze is the rational behind my “substandard conduct “ yesterday. I probably could have predicted that this would happen as I knew that I was going off routine and headed into a very lax weekend. Whenever we are off course its challenging to stay structured and abide by the commandments.
So lesson learned.  If you too went off course this weekend no worries, stay centered and remind yourself that you have a strong support system and optimistic team behind you.
Today’s assignment: Work a little harder at the gym- it’s Sunday and Mother’s Day so go ahead and treat yourself to the time or take a little longer on your walk or just indulge a little less in your mothers day BBQ’s.
OR, you may choose to decide that today is your day to go off the beaten path just a bit and get stringent tomorrow. Whatever your Mothers Day wish may be …..enjoy it and brace yourself for the upcoming week of hard work I have planned ahead.
Tomorrows workout:
30 minutes of straight carido (I plan to go to spin at lunch its a quick half hour class) then 10 minutes of core work which absolutely must include back exercises. IF you have more time do a routine of upper body weights and strengthen that back of yours! This is one of my favorites:

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