I think the world as we know it is lacking one major responsibility: Accountability.
It seems that if we do something wrong we are only held accountable until the next big thing happens to divert our attention.
Let’s discuss Tiger for a minute. I am not going to indulge his behavior by offering sex jokes or linking to the many Facebook and tweets about him, but rather, I think he merits a mention in my post about accountability.
Here he is this mega sports star and for -what was it?- 27 days in a row- he was on the cover of the NY POST (my absolute favorite gossip rag!) referring to and featuring yet another woman with whom he cheated on his wife.
Here is this superstar athlete totally humbled and brought down by his actions. The question is who was he accountable to? To his wife? To his fans? To golf? His advertisers? ( I would say hands down the latter- yet he was willing to give that up- or at least 50% of his revenues). Yet he made his comeback last week at the golf tournament (and still came out a loser) but I give him another 3 months before he becomes another Elliot Spitzer and makes an even bigger comeback. Or at least appears on the next Trump Apprentice.

Hollywood does not seem to be accountable to anyone. Stars leave their spouses more often than they change their outfits. Sandra, Jen, Kate to name a few.
Why do I care about these Hollywood hooligans? ( I don’t).
It just shows me that mainstream media makes it okay to lack a sense of accountability.
I see it at work with the missing work ethic. People show up late or lack the ambition, drive or motivation. I see it in fitness. If we just found someone to be accountable to we would achieve our goals beyond what we imagined.

Think about it. If you were a Hollywood star and had to be accountable to the public eye (thanks to the paparazzi and those of us who actually read about them) you would monitor your diet and exercise every day like a hawk. Take Jessica Simpson and Jennifer love Hewitt (LOVE the ghost whisperer- admittedly I cry every episode) who were publicly ridiculed for their weight. What did they do? They got themselves a trainer and a chef and got their ass in gear. They’ve never looked better.

They have to be accountable to their fans or they would be booted to the “B” List so fast (Kristie Alley??)
Ask yourself, if you were accountable to millions of people, wouldn’t you do everything in your power and control to do your best?

So why not be accountable to yourself? Wake up every day and give yourself the motivation needed to accomplish your goals. For YOU.

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