All calories are not created equal.

I once went on a 3 day ice cream diet. My friends and I each had to select one flavor and stick to it for 3 meals a day for 3 days straight. We were allowed as much of that single flavor as we wanted. (Not sure who came up with that reasoning but seemed logical at the time).

I can’t even tell you how much I craved a salad by the third day. (if you’re lactose intolerant you know what I mean).
Miracle!!! I had lost 7 lbs in 3days.!! Wow .

Then I ate an apple and cottage cheese again and gained it back in 2.

Of course you can lose weight if you have a caloric deficit as I discussed in prior post regarding Bethennys naturally thin eating plan of skinnie margaritas. (Don’t get me wrong- I love to drink but you will never see me watering down my alcohol- a shandah!!).

The misconception about a specific caloric intake being of equivalent value is what fuels the diet product empire. There are meal replacement bars and shakes and “2 point” weight watchers ice creams all over the market place. I can not stress enough how important it is to READ labels on the back of the packaging!!

I certainly eat my share of skinny cows and 100 calorie Klondike fudge pops just like any other girl. But I am not fooling myself into thinking these are healthy choices. They are the lesser of all evils as their sugar counts are lower than most ice cream choices on the market.

I avoid tasti and other weight watchers treats as they are loaded with sugar to compensate for the lack of fat (and taste). (sorry Marc- if you only gave me free tasti I would praise it all day long!) I would rather eat a huge bowl of air popped popcorn with butter spray (my all time favorite weekend no guilt snack because I can veg in front of the TV with  my massive bowl and my fat pants and watch Cougar Town that I taped. How awesome is Courtney Cox???) than waste empty calories on a bite sized snack that cant possibly satisfy me.

I am a sugar buster all the way and here is my one simple rule for you to follow and trust me you will notice the difference when squeezing into your skinny jeans:

SUGAR BUSTER RULE: Avoid any food that has more than 4 g of sugar per serving. This includes condiments and salad dressings. I would rather you eat something with more (unsaturated) fat than with sugar. Fill up on real foods that are unprocessed. I can’t stress enough the power of protein. I actually snack on leftover cold chicken cutlets I keep in my fridge. First I pour on Hellmans dijannaise mustard then I burn the hell out of them so they are really crunchy then I let them cool overnight .No joke- I eat this for a post gym breakfast when on the go.

More snack tips next post.

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