BE Afraid. Very Afraid.


The power of fear

You’ve heard me speak about the power of positive energy and happy thoughts. To some of you, the “you can do it” mentality and the Ra! Ra! Ra ! Cheerleader method may not work.

There’s something to be said about the power of persuasion when it’s forced on you in an intimidating way. The mindset you have when you are afraid of someone or something may just be beneficial to you after all. Let me explain.

Years ago I hired a female personal trainer thinking that as a woman she could relate to the female body and know how to work it out effectively. What I did not consider was that she was the type of female who liked to talk and talk and talk. She talked to me all about her personal life the way some women like to do when they “bond” with other females. I see this happen at the gym all the time.

Not that I’m knocking it, but I am not that kind of female and I certainly wasn’t going to pay to be her friend (if I ever considered paying for anything it certainly wasn’t going to be for the female kind).

So immediately I found the scariest looking male trainer I could find. This guy had tattoos coming out of his ears, muscles rippling off his toes and he just looked, well, FRIGHTENING. HE certainly did not look like he wanted to bond over cosmopolitans.

I did not want to let him down. Every session I pushed myself harder than the one before. (FYI: this effect works just as well when the trainer is HOT!).

What is it about the psyche that is afraid to let someone else down?

This fear or negative energy can work in very positive ways if you direct it appropriately.

I know I posted last week about the fear of success etc. This is a completely different emotion that I am describing. This is not the fear of holding yourself back from achieving your goal. This is an all powerful fear of letting someone (how about YOURSELF??) down.

The power of fear of performing your absolute best for fear of disappointment is actually a positive emotion and can propel you to levels you’ve never gone before.

Have you ever been afraid of something when you were a kid? I was afraid of my little league coach. I was the only girl on the team and whenever it was my turn to hit I made sure to swing even when it was a fly ball. Sure enough I got lucky one day and the ball hit my thumb so hard that all I could do was run! I made it to 3rd (a triple!!!) and then I cried. But I hadn’t let the coach down!!!

It’s all in the mind.

I see it in business all the time. The fear of losing a client makes you put on your best presentation. The fear of not making your Numbers each quarter makes you step up your performance. The fear of meeting your boss for dinner makes you pay extra attention to how you dress and act.

Fear can be a powerful and POSITIVE force when used correctly. Why not be afraid to let YOURSELF down? Try harder. Be afraid.

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