Change that channel….


As I was watching The Celebrity Apprentice and talking to the TV as usual, my husband remarked (as he always does when I watch TV out loud ) that I’m not just watching the shows he refers to as “the dumbing down of America” but I’m watching in a way that he not so fondly refers to as the “dumbing down of jordana”

I just can’t help but indulge myself in these small luxuries of stupid nonsense television and speak to anyone or no one in particular who will listen about how unrealistic the shows are on so many levels. This act in itself is ridiculous because I watch shows like “the ghost whisperer” and remark that Melinda, the main character who is a small town antique collector, is wearing Louboutins which to me seemed so unrealistic that I have to comment about it. What’s funny about that is the actual premise of the show is about a woman who can see ghosts and I’m complaining that this small town character is walking around rural bumblef#%$& wearing designer labels is the part that is unrealistic. See what I mean about the dumbing down stuff??

The reason I bring up my television viewing habits is that it occurred to me as I was stuffing my face with air popped popcorn (my favorite TV viewing snack) that most of my wasted calories or overeating is done in front of the TV

All the sitcoms pose everyday people and family situations with the characters sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of Ice cream or other snack item. (Mind you they are all size zeros)

Why do we love to get lost in a show with a bowl of food?

It’s almost a pleasantly numbing effect on the brain when we eat mindlessly. I have a habit of eating while reading the paper. I actually save my papers for dinner time (I read 3 a day so can’t always squeeze them in the A.M. and I just love to get lost in a great article while chowing down). But alas, even I know that reading while eating, like watching TV is not a wise idea. The brain is not processing that you are full when it’s distracted.

What happened to the family dinner hour? When I was a kid we’d have a snack after school and do homework /play then wait eagerly for my father to get home from work so we could eat dinner as a family.

Nowadays I feed my kids dinner when they get home from school and shuttle them around for their after school activities. Its almost their bedtime when they sit at the table with us while we eat and chat @ their day. I usually give them a light snack or dessert while I eat.

I’m not suggesting that we all make it mandatory to make the time to sit down together as a family, I am all too aware that we are just a multi- tasking nation and things just aren’t the way they used to be when we were kids. The importance of family dinner time has escaped most of us and has been replaced with an overactive schedule. We eat at our desks at work, we eat in front of the computer at home, we eat in the car. We simply eat while we go.

All I’m saying (to myself as I tend to do) is to be more aware of the food we are eating while we are doing something else. Be mindful of what we put in our mouths and when. You’d be surprised how much less you will eat when you are actually thinkin

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