Clear your Mind part 2


So I spoke about the benefit of clear thinking that leads to healthy living but I don’t think I did justice to the actual power that a clear mind can have on mental AND physical well being. I once knew a guy who often used the acronym “MOPC”. It stood for “Moment of Perfect Clarity” when the light bulb goes off. He meant it in the respect to seeing things in a bigger picture and beyond the day to day obviousness of a typical situation.

There’s always a higher meaning and a different level of understanding. To enable your mind to focus that clarity on higher achievement is not only ultimate wisdom but ultimate power. The power of clarity is a force to be reckoned with. You can use that MOPC to push yourself harder at the gym, to reduce temptations for junk food, to appreciate people more freely, to essentially clear your mind from sabotaging your new healthy habits.

On weekends I tend to veer from the holy grail of eating healthy and its not until Monday morning when I reassess my week and it hits me like a ton of bricks- that aha moment – that MOPC- when I actually shift my focus and CLEAR my mind. Then and only then can I open up my week to a positive and full energy attitude and get back on the track of success and healthy living. This clarity is the power that allows us humans who tend to err- to stay on track .

By enabling your mind to stay clear you are giving yourself an opportunity to achieve a higher level of success because you are not bogged down with a clogged mind. Eliminate that unnecessary white noise. You can tell yourself positive and enlightening things to motivate yourself throughout the day. Even if you don’t fully believe it to be true, if you think it to be positive, it will lead to a reduced level of negativity and ultimately success.

In this day and age when our minds are filled with anxieties over day to anxieties, the mind doesn’t have as much room to let in optimistic thoughts. Our minds are already filled with so much clutter from just living in a world of war and terror, we don’t need to take on any new causes of concern.

Give yourself a little nudge just to work on getting to a slightly better level of understanding and the rest will come in time.

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