Clear your mind part 3 and final stage

You may be wondering by now why I’m so focused on clearing the mind. The reason I’ve been writing about the benefits of a clear mind and how it applies to powerful energy forces is that I’ve been on a path lately of trying to shed the last few LBs of winter weight. As I struggle every Monday to regain the course of action to make up for the prior weekends road trip to sabotage I think about the reason for my endless endeavors and repetitive recourses, and ask myself: why is it that we struggle with our weight? Be it 1 lb, 10 lbs, 100 lbs…no difference. A struggle is a struggle is a struggle.

We all know the rule: calorie in calorie out. The more calories you expend and the less you take in the more weight you’ll lose. Why is something so simple so hard to do?

Move more, eat less-easy right? Well if you’re like me and you enjoy food -even if you’re not a glutton-even if u savor it- if you’re mind isn’t into the course of action you need to take then you will not lose weight. Our minds need to be clear in order for us to succeed in any Endeavour. A person can have endless energy and work out all day long but if they aren’t focused about eating on course then an entire day of hard work can be impaired. This happens to me every single weekend, after a week of some sort of discipline (no junk) I end up letting go of all my healthy habits and sabotaging my week of efforts, making my weight loss success futile.

A clear mind would save me on Saturdays and Sundays from ruining what I started the Monday before.

A clear mind would lead to focus and discipline and allow me the courage to persevere in my endless pursuit of healthy being.

A clear mind would dismiss the negative thoughts that sometimes cloud my mind on Sunday evening leading up to the Sunday night blues.

A clear mind would transform negativity into positive energy and make Sunday night pinks instead.

A clear mind would stop me from diminishing the progress I have been striving towards for months.

A clear mind is what leads to inner peace and enables us to smile more. As you know I’m a big fan of smiling even if you’re faking! Try to clear your mind from any negative energy. You’ll be happily surprised about how free you will feel and jut maybe that scale will budge the RIGHT way.

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