Clear your mind….

Misunderstandings. They can be comical in the “Threes Company” kind of way or brutal in the real life not a sitcom kind of way. Its easy to misunderstand a situation when your head is clogged up with negativity and unable to process positive thoughts. What transpires in that scenario is a sequence of misunderstandings that lead to no good. The benefit of positive thinking is that it tends to guide us to give the benefit of the doubt in a negative situation that’s “iffy” at best. Positive thinking leads to open mindedness and clear thoughts. When your head is blocked with negative thoughts there is no room to see and interpret scenarios clearly.

Its essential for healthy living  to start with a healthy mind. Take a breath, readjust your posture and calm down. Remember the 70’s commercial where the lady is in a bubble bath chanting: “calgon take me away” as she breathes easy while her crazy and harried life revolves around her?
Learn from the makers of bubble baths and have a calm moment to readjust your mental mind frame. It will lead to a much healthier and SANE life.

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