Confront, Consider, Conquer!



I’ve been told that if I were a man I would be in a bar fight all the time. I just love to confront people when I feel I’ve been “wronged”.
Be it a traffic incident where I simply honk or a competitor trying to steal my deal and I have to do what I do best and out negotiate the MOTHER #$^*^@%^*^% and put him in his place.

I am well let’s just say, not a subtle person.

But one thing I rarely take on or confront is the bathroom scale. I have to say that my weight does not really fluctuate more than a few LBS either way so it’s rare that I weigh in.

I will not indulge my bad behavior by sharing with you how over the top I went when it came to making poor food choices this weekend but il admit that it started with the 4th glass of wine……..SO I WENT off track to the point where I did not savor my food. I did not enjoy the taste when I veered from the path of righteousness. No, admittedly, I simply PIGGED out.

I had no choice but to confront it when my youngest looked at me and remarked very innocently “Mommy, you got a little fat” then scampered off to play.

So there I was, faced with the numbers I hadn’t seen in a long time that I actually had to turn around to see who was on the scale with me. Now, I know myself and know that by Wednesday I will be feeling better and by Friday I am determined that the number will be back to what it was last Friday, however, I had to share with you that even the most regimented (not me- I definitely veer of the path of righteousness but I try to uphold a certain image in my own mind) can lose track of accountability.

I know what happened. I “justified” and I allowed myself to indulge my “trigger thoughts”.

But I know what I have to do now.

I pushed myself so hard this morning in spin class to not only finish the virtual race but to come in first.

For those of you who kept on track then praise yourself for your great accomplishment!!!

But for those of you who allowed yourself to veer off path, here’s what you need to do along with me:
Get on the scale, confront the weekend.

Return your jaw from the floor back into its appropriate position (shut !!) and read Fridays post with my diet plan listed in great detail. Then follow it and check back in with me on Wednesday. I guarantee you will be feeling a lot better.

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