Crossfit!!! My new thing…..

Every once in a while I decide to change it up a bit in my workout regimen. I typically go through stages where I get really into running then “just like that” I’ll just stop and not run for months. Same with spin or any organized type of class workout.

But lately I’ve been into this cross fit routine that’s so popular on the web.

I highly recommend you check it out as it offers so many options and workout routines for any skill level and body type with little if any equipment. The idea is to expend the most energy in the limited amount of time while using multiple muscle groups by pushing yourself to new limits never gone before.

So for instance, I’ll do 50 push ups (girlie style because when I try and act macho and perform them military style I never push myself all the way down and have recently been informed that I have been absolutely nothing all these years), then right away 50 walking lunges while holding a 25 LB barbell above my head with straight arms, then straight to 50 jump squats/burbees then 50 plyometric jumps onto a high step. Rinse repeat. In other words, I then do the entire circuit all over again …..5 times. That’s 30 minutes of straight heart pumping cardio and strength moves that KILL ME every time. The next time I do it I will change muscle groups by adding a kettle ball to the mix or sprinting around the building as fast as I can then run up and down a hill 3 times. Rinse repeat. …..5 times.

AllsImSayin is to change it up a bit and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish in a short amount of time when you’re pushing yourself beyond what you thought was your capacity.

This rule applies to everything in life.

My philosophy has always been to never turn down and opportunity to try something new or do something different. Even if you think it’s beyond your scope of capacity. You need to go inside your head and take the “I can’t” and drop the “t”.

Go outside your comfort zone. Watch a few episodes of “losing it with Jillian Michaels” the show that is essentially “The biggest loser “ with less tears and no game play.

Keep me updated on your progress.

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