Day 10…….Go nuts!!!!

For those of you who know me well, you know I am fond of the “Balsam Concoctions” whereby I combine several different and unrelated foods to create that which sounds and looks gross but is by far the best tasting treat you could possibly convince your taste buds is healthy and edible!

The following is one of my favorites:

My version of an Almond Joy :

Raw unsalted almonds kept in the FREEZER. Once ready to eat, sprinkle cinnamon and splenda on them in a bowl – add a few raisins if desired- and wa-lah!  For extra punch insert the frozen almonds into a pitted date. Taste like caramel nugget. You have just convinced your taste buds that you are eating a candy bar!
Now that the weather is nice add the almonds to greek yogurt , cinnamon and splenda and freeze for 15 minutes….you just made a dairy delight!
Ok, down to business…..
todays workout routine is as follows:
warm up for 5 minutes (I prefer the rower because it works entire upper body which will prepare you for todays workout). Set up a kettle ball, mat, medicine ball and if available, a mini heavy exercise band
  1. Start out on the treadmill as fast as you can for .25 mile – really challenge yourself so that you are running significantly faster than endurance pace…its shouldn’t take longer than 2 or 2 .5 minutes
  2. jump off and put the mini band just above your knees around legs then squat over a medicine ball with legs apart for 30 repetitions (Be conscientious of keeping your back aligned and straight!)
  3. immediately lunge in place onto mat one leg at a time for 20 lunges
  4. straight to kettle ball swings- be mindful of your back and hips! (back straight and motion comes from your hip flexors, really feel the upside of the swing in your abdominal muscles)
  5. get down on mat and do 20 push ups on knees
  6. straightaway get into plank position for 60 second count then follow up in plank with 15 repetitions of mountain climbers
Do this sequence 5 times with out stopping
If you have any additional time (lucky you!!!!) then hop onto  a cardio machine for 15 minutes on interval training
You just had an INCREDIBLE total body workout!!
Today’s featured comment:
“how do you feel about late night snacking in nuts (i.e.: sunflower seeds)? I happen to feel a need for a late night snack & have gone towards the sunflower seeds. What are your thoughts or recommendations?”
I happen to know that this person does not need to lose weight, she is a natural skinnie minnie gorgeous tall blondie just looking to stay fit.(I know you all hate her right now but trust me she’s a doll!)
I responded to her that as long as seeds are unsalted and raw then totally a good snack! I eat almonds all day long as I have mentioned almost obsessively in every single blog post, but in general, if you are looking to lose weight – late night eating isn’t advised.
Look,  I go to bed having eaten so many vegetables and inhaled enough fruit that it forces everyone around me to open the windows and evacuate the room so I am certainly not one to preach about after dinner snacking- however- I am strongly suggesting to those of you who are not natural skinnies to be cautious with late night snacking and again, late night is all relative.
Good luck!!!

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