Day 12….”its Friday, Friday, Got get down on Friday”


Today I did something Drastic, Impulsive and Radical! …..
I got a manicure in a shade referred to as “Extreme Pink” but it should have been named something more along the lines of  “Extreme Fierceness” because the shade of pink is so flamboyant, so exuberant, so flashy and so refulgent that I had to mull it over 4 times prior to application. Why am I making the biggest deal over a brightly hued shade of pink, of which application will last approximately 3 and a 1/2 days on my obsessively compulsively washed hands? Simply because I have worn the same non threatening sheer conservative shade for 20 years. I have monotonously stuck to the same routine week in week out.
Well not today folks!!!
Today is the day I make drastic changes! I take on new challenges! I embrace life and throw caution to the wind!
See, in order to effectively transform our bodies and take ourselves to the next level of development, we must first and foremost alter our mental state of beings and psych ourselves up to shift our egos toward positive and constructive change. In doing so, that means stepping out of our comfort zones. For me, that first step towards improvement, that ability to reach a further level of growth, is as easy as applying a hot psychedelic pink hooker shade of tacky.
And I must tell you; I LOVE IT!!!!!!! (Flashdance lovers: Must be the whore in me.)
So, go on out and step outside your comfort zone! Take on a new challenge or shake up your routine a little. Be creative! But take it outside the gym and the diet zones.
Make it a unique opportunity to try something completely different in your day to day. If you usually wear black, dress up in yellow! If you wear your hair up, leave it down! If you, well you get the drift. But most importantly, put on a big smile!!! IF at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Force your teeth to show through and smile even if you don’t generally do so!
TRUST ME it works!!
It’s the first step to replacing the toxic old negative habits.
Today’s post is from a friend who recently had her 4th baby and yet manages to have a ROCKING body!:
“One thing that I do every morning that you might like is I drink one large glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in it. Drink it 20 min before you eat in the morning. It kick starts your metabolism and also cleanses  your insides. It is widely used when people do detox of their bodies (many stars do it often) anyway I do it everyday. If you can’t wait 20 min then just drink it and wait as long as you can before eating (up to 20 min)”
ME:  love that as well! I wake up very early in the morning on a regular basis and the first thing I do after brushing my teeth is go to the kitchen and grab a 24 oz sports bottle of poland spring. I drink half of it before I even take a sip of coffee. I finish the rest as I’m getting dressed for work and typically start a fresh refill by the time I leave for the office. I will try the lemon tip thanks for sharing!
WATER IS ESSENTIAL to this plan and to any plan of healthy living!!
Great TIP!
Ok its my favorite day of the week but I know in my heart of hearts I will veer off the path tomorrow – it’s inevitable when my routine is shifted – (and I start the weekend with a glass of wine and end up finishing 2 bottles ) so rather than beat myself up about it I plan to embrace it, take it on bull by the horns type of thing and deal with the consequences on Sunday. May as well blow it in style given my sushi inhaling last night. But all for the good!!!
Have a great weekend shredders!!!!!

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