Day 16….Midway!!!!


Good morning shredders!
2 weeks into it….how do you feel?
Ironically I felt significantly better last week than I do this week. (Hey, I’m just being honest). This feeling is not incongruous to a weight loss process as it’s typical to feel the strongest results during your first week of changing healthy habits. Reminder: This is a long term goal to get and stay healthy and fit !!
I’m starting to realize that 30 days may not be sufficient time to get shredded but I’m not ready to concede and give in the towel on the whole 30 day thing just yet. I fully believe it WILL happen it may take a little more time.
I had the pleasure of seeing a fellow shredders’ results yesterday! She lost 6 pounds and looks fit as a fiddle! I was truly inspired by her dedication to improving her habits!!! Keep up the amazing work girlfriend!!
One word of caution: Do not restrict your calories to the point of hunger or feeling deprived. It will only backfire on you!
While I don’t agree with extreme dieting (1200 calories or below) I can not monitor what my fellow shredders food intake is and simply offer encouragement that it is very feasible to eat more (OF THE RIGHT CHOICES!) and still see results! Again, I do not count calories but Im well aware of my daily intake and guesstimate it to being between 1500-1800 calories on a good healthy day. This works for me. Everyone is different but if youre making the SMART choices, you really won’t need to count- trust me!!!
No one gains weight by eating too much cauliflower!
Those of you naysayers who insist on calorie restriction will inevitably feel deprived.
If you are sticking to the rules (Reminders below) you will inevitably speed up your metabolism to the point where your body will adjust to eating more calories which benefits you on those off days when you- say – drink a little too much and raid the fridge. The longer term impact that eating healthy will provide far outweighs any immediate (and not permanent) results that starving yourself will.
Todays featured workout:
Tools needed:
Box Step, Stairs, kettle Ball
Start out jumping up on the Box step 20 times, immediately run up the stairs
20 Burpees then up the stairs again
20 kettle ball swings then up the stairs again
Repeat cycle but this time do 18 repetitions instead of 20.
count down so the third cycle you are doing 16 repetitions
then 14 reps then 12.
This should take you anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes and leave you thoroughly drenched!
Good luck!!
Rules Reminders:
GOAL: Get shredded (ie: HEALTHY ) in 30 days and attain the body you’ve always dreamed of having!!
METHOD: Stick to the BASIC yet strictly important rules, allow yourself to EAT, and watch the results!
Rule #1: NO negative talk, NO negative Thinking
Rule #2: POSITIVE Energy is your energy force. You MUST say something encouraging and positive about your body every single day. Examples: “I am strong”
“I am healthy” “I have control of my life”
Try to increase the positive talk to as many times a day as needed to really believe what you are saying
Rule #3: NO WHITES * ** NO SUGARS and NO SODA most importantly: NO Eating after 6:30 PM (Except Fruit)
Rule #4: Exercise < 30 minutes straight a day and must include Weight training minimum of 3 times per week.
Rule #5: NO skipping meals or counting calories. Eat until you are full. Do not under eat or your body will not metabolize energy sources properly and you will end up slowing down your metabolism rather than speeding it up which is the goal! You Must eat a combination of the following:
Breakfast: Complex carbohydrate + Protein source + healthy fat
Light snack in between
Lunch: Same as Breakfast
Light snack
Dinner: Healthy fat and protein + vegetables unlimited
Dessert: Fruit or yogurt.

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