Day 17….Dance with the stars!

I have more than my share of reality shows saved on my DVR lineup to keep my insomnia at bay for weeks at a time, but for some reason “Dancing With the Stars” never really made the roster.
Because I have already seen every recent episode of ‘Bethenny ever neurotic’ (AKA my long lost twin) and ‘Real Housewives of every city’  I decided to catch a glimpse of what the big deal was with Kristie Alley’s weight loss infamy once and for all as its been portrayed as scandalous in every gossip magazine – which only distracts from the significantly more important news of  Kim Kardashians butt implants.
Why was everyone being so critical of Kristie’s alleged surgical weight loss procedure? Who cared if she was a Jenny Craig drop out? What matter did it make that she has been a yo-yo dieter her entire post Cheers career?
I say good for her that she has made yet another attempt to better her life and lose the weight again! I imagine gaining then losing then gaining then losing (repeat 20 times)  is even more arduous and emotionally exhausting than simply attempting to lose weight once and for all. I  know several people like that and I say to them:
Good for you! Do not give up until you have figured it out!
Sometimes it takes failing at something to truly see the situation for what it is and resolve the underlying issue.
I know that from my personal experience, the more time I spend sitting on the proverbial rock of life and thinking things through it becomes more and more clear to me what matters I need to take better control of and make significant changes to.
Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to truly make the adjustments we need to improve  and transform.
It’s O.K. Oprah, go ahead and eat that cupcake for tomorrow you will go on air and talk about it!!!! Then you will pay Bob millions to help you make that change publicly and we will all applaud you!!
The bottom line shredders, is to allow for mistakes, don’t be too self critical and most crucially; don’t use the word “DON”T” only “DO” as in;
 “I can DO this”!!!!!!!!!
Post for the day:
“ I can stick to healthy eating during the week but for some reason weekends it’s hard to keep my mouth shut.  Any suggestions to stick to my diet all weekend?”
ME: Oh dear shredder, I feel so close to you right now!!! This too is my biggest obstacle. If only I can make it through an entire weekend with just ONE glass of wine!…. (who said that?)
MY only thought here is that we stick together and unite to fight this challenge and overcome the weekend hurdle. I suggest that we check in (I will via blogging and you continue to submit responses- its truly helps!) and stay accountable to each other.
After all, its already day 17!!!! Only 14 left until the 30 Day debut!

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