Day 19…pizza for breakfast?

Can it be that we are 2/3 of the way through with this 30 days to get shredded campaign? How can it be that my abs are still not  concave? My belly is sporting a bit of a 2 or 3 pack but a far cry away from a 6-er.
So what to do? Ill tell you what I plan to do about it……
THE SAME THING I have been doing for the past 18 days!!!!
You see folks, it’s a slow and steady progress and granted, I would love to accelerate this process but the results are in! This LIFESTYLE IS working! I feel energetic and healthy and most importantly, I do not feel restricted! I do not feel compromised in what and how much I eat and surely do not feel hungry.
A friend of mine was over the other night just as I was preparing my dinner and she could not get over the AMOUNT of cauliflower I prepared for myself to accompany my Salmon. She was blown away with just howmuch I actually consume. See, I do not believe that all calories are equal. Our bodies break down food efficiently if they are in the correct balance.
For example, 500 calories worth of pizza (approximately 1 1/2 – 2 slices) vs. 500 calories worth of cauliflower (high fiber, nutrient packed but digests properly and goes right through your system), you will yield different results.
Don’t misunderstand me, if you enjoy pizza- go ahead and eat a slice with a salad for lunch!!! You heard me correctly- I just gave you permission to eat it and not suffer any repercussions!! Ideally, you will select a whole wheat crust with fresh tomatoes and skim mozzarella cheese but even if you don’t and go for the deep dish (OY!), eat it in moderation and  follow it up with a well balanced  dinner. Do not convince yourself that you just “broke your diet” and let all hell let loose until you start fresh the next day. We’ve ALL been there done that and it just leads to even more sabotage.
Just enjoy the moment.
Let me clarify something, if ALL you ate all day is 2 or even 3 slices of pizza, you are bound to lose weight. Now before you go run off to the nearest pizzeria, keep in mind that if your body is consuming less than 1200 calories per day it will go into starvation mode and take its energy source from muscle but it will not metabolize efficiently and your metabolism will ultimately slow down. The MINUTE you eat a cup of cottage cheese (speaking of cottage cheese refer to the post below) you will surely gain weight.
Here’s how it works:
What happens is your body initially adapts  to the stress of low caloric intake with a stress response, which has several negative consequences> Don’t be fooled by the lower numbers on the scale. The “fight or flight” stress response stimulates the breakdown of muscle in order to supply the body with enough fuel (glucose) to maintain the blood sugar levels in the absence of sufficient dietary calories. This “fight or flight” stress response will eventually wear out, thus slowing the metabolic rate to compensate for what the body perceives as starvation. Long-term dieting and calorie restriction can lower your metabolism by up to 40 percent and can take up to one year to correct.

In other words, if you stick to a well balanced regimen and eat the appropriate calories for your specific body type (again, you DO NOT need to count calories if you eat until satiated a balance of protein, complex carb and healthy fat at each meal) then you will surely see results. Slow but steady and most importantly, permanent!!!

Bottom line shredders is: Life may be short but it is not a crash course, it’s  meant to be enjoyed or at least make the best of what ya got. If you enjoy wine every night – drink up! If you want to eat 2 or 3 cookies as a mid afternoon snack- so be it! I assure you if you keep your quantities in check and continue to eat 3 balanced meals the rest of the day, the little things not only wont kill you but they will encourage you to continue on this path of healthy living.
So, eat clean 95% of the day and enjoy your little indulgences.
A Male Reader’s perspective:
“by the way, I like cottage cheese as a good food to eat that has lots of protein and minimal calories..
regarding your blog, I tend to agree that it is hard to get “shredded” in 30 days. Especially if you are bigger as I am . Maybe in 60-90 days as its inevitable that shabbat and cheating interfere. The key is the process and the goal not necessarily the strict timeframe. By the way I have been doing something called which is great to measure what you are eating and gauge calories. And see what % of your food comes from fat/protein/carbs. I know you are against measuring but it helps a lot. Got my sister and b-in-law to do as well. Everyone has lost weight.”
2 things:
 I LOVE cottage cheese! I buy the 1% whipped kind and often use it as a snack with cinnamon and splenda its so thick and a good alternative to yogurt or even as your protein in a meal. Sometimes Ill add it with a sprinkle of salt to cucumbers and tomatoes – really refreshing in the summer as lunch!
As for the “”- I am ALL FOR IT!!!
Writing /journaling surely helps!! When I preach not to count it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track . YOu must remain accountable!
Im merely pointing out that you should not obsess over numbers (I have a friend who count calories to the 3rd decimal point and she counts out 3 almonds with her 1/3 cup of oatmeal for breakfast. OMG if thats all I ate for breakfast I would faint by 8 am.)
By all means shredders- WRITE IT DOWN!!!!!!
Every Bite Lick and Taste does count but do not worry your pretty little heads over the actual numbers if you are sticking to the simple rules you will be just fine!
Have a great day!!!

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