Day 2 of 30 Days to get shredded!…….

So how do you feel today? I personally feel invigorated and extremely optimistic for two reasons:
1. Osama Bin Laden is dead and even more momentous;
2. I made it through my first official day without a cupcake.
As for the meal plan of the day stick to your rules that I sent yesterday but add in another positive thought such as: “ I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to begin a fresh week! ” Mondays have always been a day of new beginnings for me and I want you to share in that outlook.
Todays breakfast:
Cut up strawberries + cinnamon and splenda mixed with plain nonfat greek yogurt +
1 cup rolled oats with 8 raw almonds. Coffee + Skim Plus
Delicious and very filling!
Lunch is Huge salad with all the fixings , dijjannaise dressing and 3 oz. salmon + 15 raw almonds + sweet potato. (Yes- mixed together!)
For daily exercise, I did the 30 minute spin class at lunch time and 10 minutes of core work.  It’s a great way to break in the work week with a straight cardio routine mid day.
Tomorrow we will do some cross-fit and possibly post before pictures so stay tuned!
Don’t forget to go to the market to buy fresh produce and lean protein source for dinner tonight! I have salmon and spaghetti squash waiting for me later.
 Plan ahead!
Mid day snack today?? Suggestions? Please email me with ideas. Otherwise I brought hummus and carrots to work.
Enjoy and best of luck!

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