Day 20!!! The final countdown……

This morning I was all set out to write up a confessional blog about yesterdays fall off the wagon dietary wise after I overate. You see, I broke the cardinal rule of skipping lunch so to compensate, ate almost a gazillion almonds in my Costco size bag that was left in the car and regretted it all night long ( but pathetically, still managed to work up an appetite to eat dinner …..hence breaking rule #2- eat until full not eat WHEN ALREADY full! But this is not unusual to me as I’m probably one of the few insane people who eats when I have a fever. )
HOWEVER, somehow a miracle happened on the way back from the gym this morning. I felt great!!!! I was proud of myself for 2 reasons:
  1. Mustering up the energy to actually GO to the gym and
  2. Pushing myself to do hard calisthenics for 40 minutes straight regardless of the overwhelming belly ache i suffered from.
How did I achieve such a feat you might ask? Well, each and every time I completed an agonizing sit up, I pictured my husband’s high school basketball coach sitting on my shoulder preaching:
“sometimes you gotta play hurt! Take one for the team!” 
I just love that cliche! I use that line on my kids all the time along  with : “Toughen up!!”
Now before you go run off to call Child Protective Services on me, you must understand where this is coming from….I am undoubtedly a coddling, controlling, overprotective, pushover mush of a mother but I lead with a strong hand. In other words its all for the good. And i practice what I preach as I don’t allow myself to say “I can’t”.
Therefore this morning I told myself I COULD and just kept going. Then i went to work and sat on my ass the rest of the day 🙂 …..but I ate lunch!
Anyway- today’s featured workout thanks to Rob – the best trainer on the planet and my inspiration:
Bike for 4 minutes at a high level RPM above 80 or where you feel your heart rate jump !! (mine was level 13 even though I told him I was on level 15)
Immediately do 30 kettle ball swings
Drop to the floor and do 30 sit- ups
turn over and do 15 superman s (Back extensions)
Repeat cycle 5 times and tell me you didn’t work up a great sweat!!
Enjoy the weekend!!
For those of you who want to make it through this weekend without a hitch (I personally can’t afford another cheat day this week and most surely will be compensating for yesterdays binge through Sunday) then please check in with me before and after the weekend.
We are a team effort!!!! Tell yourself how proud you are to have come this far! Allow yourself a cheat delicacy be it alcohol, piece of cake (ONE) or just sleeping in and skipping the gym. You deserve it!
FYI: since only 10 days left until this 30 day process is over I have been getting multiple requests to extend it and I could not be more happy to do so!! (I NEED AN EXTENSION!!)
But I’ll probably post the before and after pictures anyway just to get a gage of status and I suggest you continue to monitor yourself as well and of course feel free to send me photos!! It’s so encouraging to hear positive results!!!

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