Day 23 It’s the final countdown…..

Ok, maybe not final. As  I looked at myself in the mirror and realized only 7 days left until I post my before and after photos, I decided that this was as good an opportunity as any to take a hard look at my diet. yes, I know I know, I have been preaching the accolades about not counting and eat until you’re full and I still hold by that advice. But I need to really scrutinize what and how much I have been eating in order to continue on my journey to see more than a two pack on my upper paunch. I swear I am doing sit ups. I assure you I have been lungeing and squatting my tuchus off.  Yet somehow, I have not seen any majorchanges in my physique. I am however, feeling FINE when it comes to my health and energy levels!!
(cue to Praise yourself!!)
But alas,  as my trainer Rob likes to say: “Abs are made in the kitchen” and I am just consuming TOO much.
So, with that wise guidance in mind, I decided that this week’s diet challenge is all about identifying a weakness in your diet – something that you persist on eating that does not support your training or your body composition goals. Maybe, like myself, you are just eating TOO much of a good thing. My challenge is to limit my cauliflower intake.
( I know what you’re thinking now: that I am totally insane if i need to rethink overeating CAULIFLOWER – but hear me out.) When I tell you I eat a lot- it’s literally 5 (yes FIVE) 20 ounce bags cooked down to oblivion with a 1/2 cup of butter spray mixed in. That alone- what I was considering a side dish to accompany my 4 pieces of salmon- is an extra 500 calories. Granted, it does not last long in my body and believe you me- you don’t want to be near me until it does go through that final digestion period- however, that feeling of stuffing myself has proven to be NO GOOD.
So, by limiting my intake to one or two normal human sized portions, it will allow me to assess what else needs to be adjusted.
My challenge to you this week is for each of us to take a good hard look at what we are eating, because we each have our own penchant for tasty foods. Please understand that this is not about eliminating all that tastes good-  – this challenge is about picking one item in particular that you know is affecting the scale and keeping up the discipline for one week to analyze if this is your diet culprit.
Perhaps your issue is drinking too much Diet Soda or just not drinking enough water.  Instead of than can of Diet Coke you reach for a Perrier, or instead of the cookie you satiate your sweet tooth with a crunchy apple. Have fun with this challenge, and remember that we are all here to support each other so keep the feedback coming!
I am sending out positive energy!

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