Day 24……Clean the kitchen

Day 24……Clean the kitchen

A study was published comparing the  nutritional habits of adults that are living in the same home with kids compared to those living without kids in the house. The adults living with children had a stronger tendency to eat more fat than grown-ups living in kid-free homes, consuming as much saturated fat each week as found in an individual-size pizza. They are claiming that although it is not exactly the kids’ fault, the  household cupboards are more likely to be stocked with high-fat convenience foods like cookies, cheese and processed meats when children are around.
Now here’s the thing: Who the hell is BUYING these kids the saturated food stored in the cupboards?…. The adults!
I swear this is, and always will be, my biggest pet peeve (and trust me I have many) when it comes to the obesity issue.
Why has childhood obesity become a national epidemic worthy enough of the forced smile of Michelle Obama –  when it is completely avoidable???   I understand there are studies showing links between genetic disposition and obesity in DNA or whatever scientific unproven study connects fat people with fat cells, however, fat cells don’t make a person fat, EATING fat makes a person fat.
While I agree that family genetics are definitely involved in the body type we are made with, by all means a 5 foot tall pear shaped woman is not going to ever look like Giselle no matter how many squats she does, however, I do believe there is a certain amount of effectiveness and response to diet and exercise that is still within our control.
I have witnessed with my own eyes many women whom have transformed their figures simply by eating well and exercising regularly.
Ultimately, our kids are our responsibility and just like when they were helpless newborns and we were tedious about providing them with a bottle every 2 – 4 hours to ensure proper nourishment, even more so as they age, a parent’s role is no different. We are still responsible for their nourishment.
Why does it have to look like Costco exploded in our kitchen cabinets?
It is as simple as this:
Give a mouse a carrot instead of a cookie.
Present a hungry child with fish and vegetables and whole grain pasta and that child, if hungry and presented with no other options, will (learn to) eat it.
Don’t get me wrong, the above study was written with my name all over it- if I have my favorite kind of cookies in the house- they surely will be inhaled when everyone goes to bed. That’s why I only buy the crap my kids like that i don’t enjoy (Im not a chip girl but rather, I indulge in my sweet tooth so instead of opting for chocolate bars, Ill buy Pirates Booty). And don’t think for a minute  that i don’t give my kids junk –  my kids LOVE junk food – they eat pizza and fries and juicy burgers and hotdogs- you name it. But they don’t get that all the time. I limit pizza to Sundays after i make them swim laps for an hour straight (not kidding) and Saturdays pretty much all bets are off- they too are taught that they are allowed a cheat day to enjoy but know that its not a regular routine. Weekdays they come home from school and have several options for dinner: chicken, turkey or fish. Often they get pasta to accompany the “healthy” portion of their meal.
They also know not to refer to junk food as “special treats”- as there is NOTHING special about crap. You can buy it anywhere. It’s available at every bodega, every gas station and every corner market.
Cherries, for example, are only available in season and therefore are a VERY special treat.
Alls I’m saying is that we ADULTS are in control of our own destiny (and kitchen cupboards). As my husband likes to point out every time i complain i ate too much: “no one took a gun to your head and forced you to eat it. Keep your mouth where it belongs: SHUT!!!!”. I suppose he’s (annoyingly) right.

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