Day 5 and feeling groovy!

Quick reminder….This is not meant to be a get thin quick scheme. it is NOT a crash diet. It is a LIFESTYLE.

Some of you have been commenting and asking me why I am doing this if I do not need to lose weight? I want to be clear that I personally am looking to get SHREDDED.  I do not care about the numbers on the scale.
Others may want to lose a few lbs, or perhaps a 100 lbs. Some may just want to feel healthier and switch their mental state of mind to a more  positive outlook. (PLEASE remember the rules when you approach me: NO NEGATIVE thinking!!!!! Be affirmative and constructive in your comments or keep them to yourself!)
This plan is intended to be used as a tool, a guideline to provide you with the support to attain that goal that you have always desired but may not have been able to accomplish alone.
Although you  can view this as a team effort, it is very much a personal journey only with the comfort of knowing you have me as your champion to coach you through this voyage.
Exercise for the Day:
Warm up on any machine of preference for 10 minutes. ( I prefer the bike but only because i can catch up on my Season One of “Madmen” ).
Without stopping, do 3 Rounds of the “15’s”:
15 squats,
15 side lunges straight to lateral raises with10 lb Dumbbells,
15 push ups
15 sit ups on the ball
15 back extensions on the ball
15  straight sit ups
Then follow up with 15 minutes of any machine on intervals where your heart rate is elevated for 45 second bursts (I prefer the stairclimber for this) to complete a 45 minute cross fit workout!
Keep the questions coming!! 3 more days until week 2 commences!!

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