Day 6…..Almost a full week!!!

Last night I blessed myself with a glass of wine with dinner. Normally I am not an advocate of rewarding progress with food however, I do not consider wine a Rule Breaker- (in actuality I include it every weekend as I tend to drink  an entire bottle the minute I get home early from work on Friday at 5 pm and do not stop until sometime late saturday night that may, if truth be told, be considered Sunday morning.)
The point being fellow shredders, if you feel confident that you are following the rules diligently enough to feel that going off routine momentarily, then go ahead and enjoy a small reward with a “safe” food that you do not typically treat yourself to on a daily basis. (If Xanax could be eaten I would most undoubtedly consider it an allowed food!).
By “safe” food I mean not too far from the allowed food groups (wine after all is a fruit which is more than just allowed it’s encouraged on this plan!)
But stay cautious and be aware of “trigger foods” (For me thats peanut butter) where even a little may exacerbate the sweet tooth and lead to – well –   just no good.
One word of caution: As today is not only day 6 but it is also TGIF, please be mindful of the weekend lax in routine that may leave some of us thrown off balance from the lack of structure. Make sure that you eat the same way you ate all week (assuming you’ve been following along).
Plan ahead (Im already planning which bottle of wine I will open later) and most importantly: relax and enjoy!
One more thing … many of you have been providing helpful feedback and tips and I’m proud to say that this little “community” of shredders is growing more and more everyday so thank you! I would LOVE if you would comment on the actual BLOG site so that all of us can share in the pleasure of your progress and of course learn from each other!
So please sign on to the bog or email me with comments and I will post them for you.
As Hilary might say: “ It takes a Village and other lessons Shredders teach us”…..
Have a great weekend!!!!!

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