Day 9…..feeling healthier?

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While I can not see a dramatic difference in my  endeavor to get shredded, I do feel considerably healthier the past 9 days.
Given that I veered from the path of righteousness and still enjoy wine on a daily basis, i think im doing pretty OK.
(Warning, the next sentence is a bit corny but totally necessary for this campaign to get shredded:)…..
ALL Together now: “ I am determined!”  “I am in control of my own actions!” “ I can accomplish whatever I plan to do!”
I asked you to please post your comments but alas, it seems you are all very shy (I will give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you are too lazy to register on my blog).
So I decided to post some of the comments (every day a different one)  for you all to see – as we are now becoming more and more of a community shredder system since I am hearing from all over the country that you are joining me in this venture to get healthy and fit!
From my friend in Connecticut :……she wrote:
 “Love this — Please keep them coming – I have such a sweet tooth I need to curb at 3pm and again at night — I need my  chocolate/sugar fix!! Why don’t you eat other nuts like walnuts?”
Two excellent points I want to address.
Firstly, I prefer almonds personally so I eat those every single day (at least 40-50!) but walnuts are not only heart healthy fats but also packed with fiber, B vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants. Walnuts, in particular, have significantly higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids as compared to other nuts. Definitely among my super foods list!!
Now, to address our daunting and inevitable sweet tooth!! I have always been a subscriber to the theory “out of sight out of mind”. While I don’t believe in cravings disappearing completely, I am convinced that we can perpetuate the sweet tooth.
I grew up in a household where it was standard practice to have dessert every night after dinner. sometimes it was chocolate pudding, other nights ice cream. My father to this day, Gd bless him at 80 years old, goes to bed with fig newtons. He never had a weight problem in his life. I also grew up drinking regular soda and considering pasta a food group. I am 5’7” and weighed 116 lb until college when i discovered  alcohol and “fat free cakes” ( another blog post……)
I too eat  a sweet “dessert” and it used to be the no sugar added pudding or the 100 calorie chocolate ice cream bars. Those are fine and I don’t argue with those devout tasti lovers (yes Marc and Yael i will give you a shameless promotion – GO to Tasti- D-Lite new Rochelle NY!!) but i discovered that once I started eating them regularly it just led to no good and i would justify eating 2 as they were “low calorie treats” etc. then i began to eat 3 and well, you know the rest.
So now my sweet tooth is extra fruit at night which i am totally aware elevates the blood sugars and all those Suzanne Sommers (sommersizers) out there are preaching that fruit at night is a no – no (they also say stay never allow nuts and bananas- huh??!)
but i enjoy berries mixed with splenda and cinnamon and greek yogurt as dessert and then i top it off in bed with an apple or a large pear. I am stuffed by then because i eat a tremendous amount of vegetables with my fish for dinner so its very filling.
So please keep the comments coming!
Enjoy your day!

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