Do all diets fail???

I keep thinking If only I stepped off my soap box and practiced what I preached I’d be a better woman.

I have a friend who swears by Atkins. He accredits the 40 lbs he lost to an Atkins lifestyle. The only problem is once he veers from the plan he immediately puts on weight.

My friend who follows The South Beach diet feels the same loyalty to the plan. But when she veers she too gains weight.

Which begs the question … Do diets really work? I think the real answer is that it’s not the diet that fails it’s the person that fails.

I too enjoy a diet plan…it’s my own version of the Mediterranean diet and it’s what I fondly refer to as the Passover diet. Basically stick to very simple natural foods. What I call “super foods”:



Avocados, olive oil (healthy fats)


Sweet potatoes


Whole grains (whole wheat matzo or brown rice)


With the above staples I ALWAYS lose weight! I can eat these foods in unlimited quantities and feel amazing!

So what is it that makes us stop following these favorite eating plans?? Is it the temptation of a cookie? The boredom from monotony of limiting our palates to the same foods day in and day out? Is it really a craving?

I think we all know it’s in our minds. It all comes from within. Everything in life comes from within.

The fear of failure sometimes leads to sabotage but the fear of success is often the main root of the problem.

We need to look deep within and ask ourselves why are we afraid to succeed. What is it that’s causing us to stop doing what we know best and allowing ourselves to fail?

Its not the diet per say but the mind set behind it.

I’m going public with my on again off again “Passover diet” and I’ll keep you posted. If anyone cares to join me on my crusade feel free to contact me as you have been doing!

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