Do cul de sacs cause obesity?…..


A friend of mine sent me an article discussing the newest discovery of obesity: living on a cul de sac causes people to gain weight. The premise of the study was that living on a cul de sac or dead end street led to inactivity and a more sedentary lifestyle. Kids got fatter when they were spending their free time playing on a limited blocked off street. This made no sense to me because I lived in NYC  for almost 20 years and back then I was never more active. We walked everywhere. Circle street? My kids had no backyard! They played in the hallways with the other kids on our floor. Block party? We had lobby parties with our doormen.
The point being, if you want to live a sedentary lifestyle then you can do so even if you slept in the gym. If you choose to be active you can walk up the stairs of your house or circle the cul de sac like my 88 year old neighbor does.
(he literally walks around the circle for 45 minutes every evening. I give him credit though because he has his headphones on and a bottle of beer in his hand every time. I refer to him as the neighborhood watch)
Its easy to get out of exercising by giving yourself excuses of not being able to get to the gym or not being in a location that leads to an active lifestyle. Its really something that needs to come from within. The desire to change and to become active is something that we all need to work on. I think we are all lazy by default. We spend hours in front of the computer for our jobs or we sit at a desk or we sit in a car shuttling carpools everywhere. Regardless of y our daily schedule there’s always a way to incorporate simple movement into your day.
 (refer back to my April blogs about grocery store leg lifts).
I try and MOVE every single day even I f its not in a 55 minute exercise class. It’s ok to skip the gym but its not ok to skip moving.
Even if you live on a cul de sac like I do, there is a way to lead an active lifestyle.
I personally make my kids run races in the backyard while I read the papers on Saturday mornings.  It’s how I get my jollies watching them do “guts” across the lawn. “Faster” I yell as I sit in leisure.   Then I go for my 30 minute run.

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