Don’t go in the water……


A wise man once told me that most people are afraid to take risks that could lead to achievement not because they have a fear of failure but rather a fear of success.

This makes me think about the show the “Biggest Loser”. A show I used to watch religiously for 8 seasons with such passion that I too would cry along with the contestants each week as they lost 100 lbs in 4 days. My husband referred to me as “the biggest loser” because of how passionate I was about the show. I would praise out loud Jillian and Bob as they made those people forage through those tough workouts without accepting no as an answer. I am all about working hard and never giving up. It actually saddens me that I had to stop watching the show this season because I became very disenchanted by the mass marketing that took place throughout the episodes promoting every weight loss product that is a sponsor of the show and the emotion was just too forced and scripted that I rolled my eyes instead of connecting to the contestants.

I just got tired of hearing them say they never thought they deserved to lose weight.

What does that mean exactly? “Deserve” to lose weight? Why do people think they don’t “deserve” to (fill in blank)??? Some expressed they were afraid to be thin.
Yeah, I am afraid to look like Elle McPherson too.
Wow. The power of fear is a very scary force. Once something or someone gets inside your head, a whisper, a hint of despair, a reverse compliment, a rude comment, it can defeat even the over achiever.

I love to read articles in Runners World about the runners who have overcome tragedy. One runner was temporarily paralyzed after diving into a pool and after years of therapy he miraculously was able to run again. He no longer ran a 7:00 minute mile. He was a slow and methodical 12:30 average/ mile and was thrilled to do be able to walk again let alone run. The article went on to say that he spent years in therapy not allowing himself to get discouraged even though doctors told him it would be a miracle if he ever walked again. He was determined to achieve that miracle. He didn’t let negative thinking get inside his head. Now I realize that his case is rare and not all people are as lucky as him to regain their legs after an accident.

I suppose there are two points to his story, one is to count your blessings, appreciate every step – even if its slow- you are able to take, the other, to stop the negative energy from allowing you to achieve success.

Don’t let a thought discourage you from taking a risk.

I too suffer from fear but certainly not of success. I am actually afraid of sharks. Terrified. I won’t allow my kids to go in the ocean. I know what you are thinking, that I am setting my kids up for a lifetime of therapy. Come on – I am the crazy lady with an arsenal of “just in case” canned goods remember? How much more therapy will they need???

I am not afraid of success because I had help along the way. In my 20 year career I have been lucky enough to have found good mentors. One of the best lessons I learned in business early on was “don’t ask permission, ask forgiveness”. It just means to take that risk. No one ever got fired taking a risk trying to succeed.

Ask yourself- are you taking enough risk to achieve your goal?
IF you need help doing so, find a mentor, a partner, a friend, a co-worker. Do it together. motivate each other.
You deserve it.

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