EAT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!………..

People ask me all the time for tips and tricks on dieting. Anyone who knows me well is aware that I never “diet” but rather, opt to eat healthy choices, never count calories or fat or “carbs”, and eat until I’m beyond stuffed. I eat so much (of healthy foods) that I always change when I get home from work into what my little one refers to as my “Cauliflower Pants”.
Growing up with 3 brothers and a house that had food out at all hours of the day, I have always been a big eater.  One of my biggest “diet secrets” however, is to fill up (OK, DEVOUR) very optimal foods. On any given night I will scarf down 3 huge pieces of Salmon, brown rice with lentils and an entire crock pot full of cooked vegetables laden with butter spray. (Yes, I sleep with the windows open, often alone as I have scared everyone else away.)
A typical breakfast consists of a pint of blueberries, a bowl of strawberries, a bowl of oatmeal with flax seed and a handful of raw almonds. That’s just my first breakfast.
Whats the point of this food tally? Its because I felt compelled to share with you that contrary to popular belief, its really GOOD for you to EAT…..and if you so choose… A LOT. But the foods that you consume must be REAL and unprocessed (with the exception of my butter spray addiction I try to stick with nutritious selections).
Now I’m not going to advocate the tributes of eating organic ( even though I went through a stage of macrobioticism back in my day and did not enjoy it in the least- actually felt like I was a prisoner and by the 3rd month found myself bingeing on Oreos and pizza.)
But I will preach the accolades of eating healthy, selecting wholesome cuisine such as, but not limited to:
Fish, olive oils, nuts, seeds, legumes, soybeans, barley, whole grains, fruits and vegetables (and of course wine is considered a fruit).
People think that to lose weight you have to limit your caloric intake. I know so many people who eat less than 1200 calories a day (which barely covers  breakfast and lunch for me). I don’t know how those people feel but for me I need my calories to function.
I never skip meals. EVER. I snack every 3 hours on nuts (RAW and UNsalted only!!) and I don’t “count”. If you stick with the above rules for at least 2 straight weeks I can guarantee you that you will see and feel changes- good changes in your body, your energy levels and your weight loss goals.
One more thing:
You should eat before you  go out! If you have a social event, a work function, or even just out all day running errands, ALWAYS take 4 minutes to eat a meal.
I see it all the time. A rookie mistake. People go to a catered event on an empty stomach, end up being so ravished that they eat half the buffet and wonder why they are sick the next morning.
I am often pegged as a “non eater” simply because I NEVER eat at social functions except for sushi if at all. What people don’t see is that an hour before the event I ALWAYS sit down to a full dinner – even if I’m wearing my robe and headful of curlers with 3 minutes left to get dressed and go. Most importantly, if you are going out for cocktails, ALWAYS make time for yourself to sit down and eat a full meal prior to drinking. Trust me, your head will thank you in the morning.

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