Get out and walk

Get out and walk!

I had the rare opportunity to run 3 miles this morning before work. This is not breaking news by any means but for me it was truly invigorating.
I do not typically get a chance to enjoy the outdoors before traffic and carpools fill the streets. It is infrequent that I can breathe in fresh air prior to the hustle and bustle of the daily work grind – so overall I was revitalized and wanted to share with you the refreshing energy i have this morning!
Its Monday- you know how I feel about Mondays- the commencement of a new week, new opportunities to improve yourself, fresh start to enjoy the benefits of clean living. Believe me, I partied this weekend and as usual, enjoyed my share of cookies and wine. But it’s time to get back to work and live clean!
So today’s advice is to squeeze in an outdoor workout if you can! go for a walk after work, or better yet- get off the subway 2 stops prior to yours and walk the remainder of the way home. Or, if you live in the suburbs and public transportation isn’t your deal, leave the car at home and walk to do an errand.
IF you have a pet, walk it! OR carry it!
Enjoy the day before the official start of summer! Soon it will be so hot that you will be inhaling air conditioned air- so take the time NOW to enjoy this fleeting weather.
Todays additional workout:
Warm up for 5 minutes.
Then continue with a sequence of the following basic and do anywhere exercises (no excuse- you can do this in your driveway, your office, your shoprite aisle!)
 WITHOUT stopping:
30 walking (or static) lunges with a towel raised over your head for balance ( or take it up a level and hold dumbbells in each hand). Remember to keep your back straight- posture is key!
30 squats (Tushy all the way down)
30 sit ups (get up high- really reach for the knees)
20 push ups (on your knees is preferable if you are like me and unable to reach your belly to the floor in a standard push up)
Then repeat 5 times. Should take you between 25 and 35 minutes and Do NOT stop!!!!
Then remember to treat yourself to an outdoor walk or run- it will not only do your body good but will help clear your mind. You have a great week ahead of you so enjoy it!!
Summer is here!!!

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