Go ahead and jump….

Are you a jumper???

I found my self asking that very same question the other day when i showed up at the pool prior to doing my laps with the old ladies and faced with the cold early morning breeze and freezing water. Do i tip toe my way in or just go for the gusto and dive in without a so much as a second thought. It would have a been a definite JUMP had i asked myself that question about 10 years ago. Back then  i could easily refer to myself as a jumper. A risk taker. A dare devil. As a kid I was invincible, as a teen a little bit reckless and in my twenties i was just fearless. When offered the opportunity to jump off a 100 ft. cliff on the coast in Australia- i took a running start.
So why was I reluctant to take the jump into the pool? is it old age that makes us nervous nellies? is it just the fact that I am too old for any hint of discomfort ?
I refused to accept age as a factor So I had no choice other than to jump in.
Yes, I am still a jumper .
I decided at the moment I hit the water, felt a chill then an immediate and short lived thrill that life is just too short to allow age to get in the way of jumping at opportunities.
See, the past 10 years, ever since marriage and kids came into the picture, I have accepted that my change in disposition when it comes to taking risks – is simply growing up and taking responsibility. I have others depending on me now so i cant just take my own life for granted and galavant off into the Jordan Desert with out water or food as I did when i was in my twenties. Now i wont go 20 minutes in my car without a 100 calorie snack pack of almonds and a granola bar. What happens to us as we age that intensifies our fear???? Is all this just a justification for what inevitably happens to us all as we age?
I doubt it. At least we don’t need to let that be the case.
So go ahead and live a little…. take a jump into the pool. Life is short.

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