Go sit on a rock


I always say that if my life was different and I had made other choices that I would probably be living on a beach in Malibu. I want that if for no other reason (but there are plenty) than to be in warm sunny weather year round. Being that I live in a city that has the change of seasons I do appreciate the value it brings when looking @ it with an inspirational approach. I look at the change of seasons as a way to change my perspective and my approach to health.

I like to look at the Spring season that is here now and go through a Spring cleaning internally…metaphorically clean out the toxins that have built up over the winter.

With the warmer weather I have time to take long walks and literally sit on a rock (an act I strongly suggest is a MUST do!) and think about my goals. Then I begin the process of ridding myself of negative energy. I then imagine what goal I want to accomplish, where I see myself going and who I want to be when the summer comes.

I once worked with someone who told me that if he was ever caught in a lie he would simply imagine that he really did not lie, that the incident really happened. His motto was “if you believe it happened then it happened”. I know he sounds like a lunatic but this backward thinking always seemed to work for him and what I took from his illogical way of thinking was that if you want something to be then so be it. Make believe it can happen – in a Disney commercial type of fashion- and it will – or sort of. How I interpreted this was to literally visualize myself in a place I wanted to be and then make it happen. For example, in the Spring, I visualize myself in summer sitting by a pool, I see myself in what I want to be wearing, how I want to feel , (confident, relaxed etc) and I almost think myself there and make it a reality in my head so that I can work on making it a reality , well- in reality. This works in business just as well. Before a meeting, a major speaking engagement or a conference I simply visualize how I want the session to turn out and I in turn make it happen. You have to set a goal ahead of time.

You know the cliché’:
“If you fail to plan you plan to fail” well turn it around to:
“If you succeed at planning your plan is a success!” (Yup- just made that up on the spot- maybe I should work for Hallmark)
By visualizing where you want to be in the next season it brings us that much closer to getting there.

Seasons change is a great way of switching our mind set towards a newer, fitter and most importantly healthier self for the next season. I choose to embrace the new season and make the most of the time to reinvent myself. We have 25 more days until Memorial Day weekend. Let’s make the most of it. Visualize where you want to be on Memorial Day and how you plan to kick off the summer. If you believe it, it will come!

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