Healthy snacks for adults….


Ok, by now you know me well enough to know that I preach about eating healthy fats every day as well as proteins and complex carbs, but you may be at a loss for healthy SNACKS that wont budge the scale the wrong way. So, upon request, heres a list of my favorite snack options.

Keep in mind that if you are eating real meals that include a healthy fat, a lean protein source and a complex carb you really shouldn’t be that hungry in between to eat all day. I do however believe in eating something every 2 to 3 hours to keep blood sugar normal and rev up your metabolism.

This is not a new concept but a lot of people tend to ignore the importance of eating at specific times of the day. I personally hate to skip meals because I will undoubtedly overcompensate for it later on.
Without fail the days that I don’t have time to sit down to real food (who doesn’t have 2 minutes to grab a yogurt or make a wrap ahead of time?) on those days I will INHALE my dinner and keep going.

So rather than sabotage the entire week, try and make your meals ahead of time. I pack lunches – for myself included- the night before. My salad –even with avocado in it- stays fresh until the next day.

There really isn’t any excuse not to plan ahead but even I sometimes just can’t fit it in so here are some snacks to go or some for when you are home late at night and bored or just want that sweet or salty craving:

1. Greek yogurt + splenda + cinnamon + blueberries. This is the healthier way. For extra sweet craving I use dry pudding mix + fat free whipped cream. I must have posted this recipe 20 times already so as you can see I eat this every night.

2. Nuts!!!! I love anything in the nut family. I used to love the trail mixes but I find that they have too much sugar so I usually add my own raisins if I want sweet but I am typically satisfied with plain nuts. Cashews are my favorite but avoid the salted version. Plain dry roasted is better. Best are the plain raw almonds. I eat the 100 calorie packs every single day with an apple while on the go. I am in an office for most of my work day so I am usually sitting during the day and the 100 calorie packs help contain the quantity because I have been known to eat an entire costco size tub of nuts!!

3. Boiled egg whites. I know gross. But if you eat them with a little salt they are actually good. I wrap them in romaine lettuce and add a little dry white tuna and they are a fantastic protein source.

4. Apple + natural peanut butter + cinnamon. Don’t use too much PB but a little shmudge and a few shnips are perfect on a cut up apple. I like it on a pear as well. Total calories are 175. Very light snack and satisfying. You can spread PB on rice cakes too but I find rice cakes to be empty calories and 2 just don’t fill me up the way an apple does. Brazillians know this secret and in a study done at Cornell University they discovered that this snack increases volume and decreases density so helps with weight loss

5. Soy chips by Glenny’s. I am not a big chip person – I really have a huge sweet tooth – but some of my friends swear by these. I have them once in a while at a BBQ with guacamole. They are low fat and low sugar so cant go wrong.

6. Puffins cereal. I love the pb flavor and the cinnamon flavor. The lowest of the sweeter cereals in sugar content per serving. Careful not to eat straight from the box (as I tend to do) btu if you put a cup+half into a Ziploc they are a great snack for your handbag. Puffins are high in fiber and low in sugar. I love to mix this with air popped popcorn (sounds gross as do most of my concoctions) but the sweet and the crunch go well with butter spray. I eat this on Saturday nights if we are renting a movie.

7. Smoothies! Mix skim milk, ice and fruit ( I prefer blueberries they are low in sugar) in a blender. Add a dollop (or half the can!) of whipped cream. Use a straw – savor this and drink slowly. Will fill you up on long summer days

8. Whole wheat matzo + lox. You’ve heard this one before. My all time favorite combo. Salty lox packed with protein, crispy matzo loaded with fiber. Fills me until dinner. I add avocado and lettuce and call it lunch.

9. Fat free sugar free chocolate pudding that come in the refrigerator section . only 60 calories each have two.

10. Klondike 100 calorie chocolate fudge pops. In the summer time I eat 2 before bed. Feels like I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream with ZERO guilt.

11. Cut up sweet potato bake for 45 minutes with pam spray. Refrigerate and add splenda and cinnamon. Tastes like pie.

12. 1% whipped cottage cheese + splenda + cinnamon + fiber one cereal. Lt the cereal sit in this for a while….it absorbs the cheese and puffs out. Very filling. You can use ricotta too but I don’t like the taste of that so I prefer cottage cheese.

13. Sugar free jello. I personally don’t like the consistency of jello but you can eat this unlimited (why you’d want to is beyond me but hey – who am I to judge? I eat sweet potatoes mixed in cottage cheese?)

14. Frozen fruit. I like frozen berries but grapes are great too. I always prefer fresh fruit but in the summer this is a great snack.

15. Broccoli!! I know what youre thinking- if we all snacked on broccoli id have npo reason for this blog- wed all be emaciated. But don’t knock this! I grill mine and season with season salt and butter spray. If I close my eyes I swear im eating something bad. Broccoli is s oooo good if you make it crispy and salty!! This rule applies to all vegetables.

16. Cut up thick slices of carrots, sweet potatoes and onions. Either grill them on the BBQ or put on a baking sheet with pam and season salt or if you prefer sweet use splenda. Bake until crispy. I’m not joking- its hard to stop eating this dish!!

Ok- this should last you a while. If you have any comments, additions, questions –as always –feel free to post and I will follow up with you!!

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