I found my inspiration…..

I haven’t posted all week for the simple reason that I have been uninspired lately. I try to post only when I feel I have something motivational to say.

Well today I found my inspiration. Today a very special girl turned 8. This child is who and what motivates me to be a better person. This child is what inspires me to let go of any negative energy and embrace life.

This child always has a smile on her face even when she’s silently suffering in pain.

This child pushes her body to new limits every single day.

This child is called “special” for all the above reasons but also for the literal meaning as she has “special needs”. There is nothing “needy” about this child. She endures 12 painful therapies a week yet does so with grace and appreciation.

This child is special for reasons that inspire me to push myself to new limits, to learn from her that complaining @ the situation you are given is futile and instead to appreciate the life you have.

This child’s parents never complain. Her mother forages through life with the same matching smile and grace and is always happy for those around her. Her strength, positive energy, courage and endless endurance make her my hero.

This child has never spoken a word. She has no complaints. This child has never run or walked with friends. She enjoys everyone company from her wheelchair. This child has never consumed a full meal. She smiles while a feeding tube provides nutrients she needs.

This child is always happy to see me.

Happy birthday to the most motivating and inspiring child. You are amazing.

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