In other weird news….


I was reading an article this week in the Weird news section (I just love to indulge myself with Global weird news) …..This week’s tidbit was schools In the UK are ordering BIGGER and sturdier desks. Kids are getting FATTER.

“Britain’s former Home Secretary Charles Clarke says school kids need sturdier desks and chairs in classrooms because they’re getting bigger and heavier. “

This article made me giggle just a little bit because it reminded me of when I was a kid in 6th grade I was showing off for a boy I liked and sat on the top of my desk with my legs crossed trying to act all demure and flirty….and fell flat on my bottom. It was so embarrassing at the time and all I could do was laugh it off. If my desk were built sturdier back then I would have no story to look back on, and just maybe that 6th grade boy and I would have lived happily ever after??

But this weird news makes me wonder….when are we going to just stop allowing ourselves to get fatter and fatter?

Airlines are making strides to accommodate the obese by offering the option of 2 seats. Some naysayers claim that airlines are discriminating against obesity by enforcing the purchase of 2 seats. I am going to hold back on my opinion but I do think that we are offering a little too much leeway towards the issue and in turn it’s perpetuating the problem.

Obesity is not an epidemic as Mrs. Obama claims. It’s debatable whether it’s a genetic disorder or not but that still does not mean that an individual cannot take control of their own destiny. As my husband always points out to me on weekends when I overdo it with the junk: “no one put a gun to your head and made you eat it. Stop complaining!” I know he’s always right but I eat it anyway.

I know plenty of athletes that have big legs because that’s the body they were born with. However, those same legs are all muscle, as these athletes choose to work out hard and eat healthy so they don’t just allow their genetic destiny to be blubber.

You can’t change your body type, but you can change your body in the manner of strength, endurance and muscle tone.

After I had my babies I had gained 50 lbs each pregnancy. It’s a myth that pregnancy weight just falls off afterwards. Weight gain is weight gain. I just simply refused to buy new clothes to accommodate my bigger figure as that would be admitting defeat. I wore my maternity clothes until they literally dropped off my body then put on my skinny jeans and left the unbuttoned with loose fitting tops until they closed.

I am not suggesting that obesity is as simple of not buying bigger clothes, however, we have to take control of our own actions. We cant just sit there and assume the problem will disappear on its own.

Last night I ate half of a Costco size jar of salted cashews . (Remember my new/ old nuts are good rule now that I’m on the Passover diet?) well, obviously walnuts and raw almonds are the good nuts and salted cashews are just asking for trouble. This morning I got up early and worked out for 45 minutes. HARD.

Take control of your destiny.

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