Inspiration Part 1…..


This weeks posts are going to focus on the theme of Inspiration.
What inspires you?
Back in June I wrote about a little girl very near and dear to me who turned 8 years old and has always and continues to inspire me. I remind myself what a special child she is, beyond her label of “special needs”. In each and every breath she takes (literally) she represents a miracle. This little girl perseveres through painful daily therapies without complaint.
I think of her when I catch a cold and have a bit of a sniffle which makes me the slightest bit uncomfortable and recall that every cold she  catches lands her in the hospital on the brink of death yet she somehow always has the strength to push through it and recover.
She can not talk but I hear her very clearly say “I will survive” and “I can”.  I have never heard her say: “I quit” or “I can’t”.
I wouldn’t be able to begin this blog post without mentioning her because she is and always will be my true inspiration to propel myself to new levels. To always say “I can do this” even when I think I can’t.
When I am at the gym and I hear the irritable woman next to me working out with her personal trainer ( whom she pays generously to enhance her workouts) and she complains and whines that she hates what they are doing and she convinces herself she can’t do it, I just have to laugh a little. She is not only lucky to be in a position to pay someone to push her harder (a luxury not a necessity) but in my opinion, working out with a trainer is a privilege. Believe me I give my shares of “ARRGGGHHH ‘s” and  “Holy F&%$#s” but I never complain. I do it. I only have 30 minutes to get it done and I tell myself to just get through it. I think of all the inspiring people in my life that have overcome tremendously more difficult obstacles.
My trainer Rob for instance. I wont go into too much detail about his personal journey of recovery from a coma after being hit by a car when he was in his 20’s and nearly died (you will have to wait for the article I am writing about him for the local paper) but I will say he inspires me to work harder.
Rob also trains my friend Tutu, another inspiration of mine. I haven’t known her a long time but what I knew about her back then was she was just like the rest of us and went to the gym regularly and spent an hour on the cardio machine took some classes and stayed in decent healthy shape.
Then something happened….she pushed herself to the next level and forced herself out of her comfort zone. Now, that girl can out jump rope any 10 year old on the playground. She does full military pushups with ease and never says a negative word while doing so.
There are few people who make an impact on my thought process but those that push themselves harder to enhance what they were given make me want to catapult my efficiency and performance. This logic applies to all things I do, most especially in work. I have been fortunate to have experienced great success in my career history and it just makes me want to accomplish even more. Someone once told me I had Oprah like ambitions and I took that very much to heart as the biggest  compliment anyone can offer to me. (I know what you are thinking : being compared to Oprah may not seem like a compliment in a fitness blog).
I try to make the most of each day and in turn somethings gotta give. Usually its my workouts as they are so limited, but all I have to do is remind myself of what inspires me and it makes me appreciate what I have done thus far.
Appreciate what you have, do what you can and strive for more.

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