Inspiration Part 2…

As I mentioned yesterday this week is dedicated to the theme of inspiration.
What inspires you?
I always love to read stories or watch T.V. shows related to Hollywood glamor and I often refer to the beautiful people who have magnificent bodies and skin that is ageless and what invasive surgeries were involved to make them look that way. Like the woman who plays Alan and Charlie’s mother on “Three and A Half Men” – she was old in 1980’s “Bosom Buddies” -she must be 103 by now and has a body of a 20 year old.
I am probably the most cynical when I comment on the paid personal trainers and private chefs following stars around on a daily basis to keep them in check. My favorite show to love/hate is “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. These naturally hairy and chubby Armenian girls have managed to transform themselves to swanlike stardom with all their heavy makeup, designer duds and lasered faces/bodies.  Don’t misinterpret— I absolutely adore them and secretly hope I can meet them when they film in NYC and become BFF’s. (For further information on “the dumbing down of Jordana” read prior posts).
But its the real people who really make an impact on me.The regular people so to speak who live normal busy lives and manage to find the time to fit in a workout every day and remind me that it CAN be done. Someone very close to me is one of those people. He refuses to share in the limelight so he shall remain nameless (and he never reads my blog) but just know that he is punctilious  about work, rarely sleeps, and absolutely detests working out.
He does however, wake up every morning at 4:30 am to squeeze in a bout of exercise so that he can lead a healthy life for his wife and kids. He is definitely not a gym rat nor does he get a high from exercising, yet he manages to push through his 45 minutes of cardio to increase the blood flow to his heart. It’s really all about health for him. No complaints he just does what he feels he HAS to do. It’s inspiring to me that he, like many others who do not enjoy exercise can wake up before the ‘Gotta make the donuts man’ and make it just another part of his daily routine.
I on the other hand actually enjoy working out once I am partaking in it but I also know that because my time is limited it makes it easier to push myself and because its quick, I make it efficient. Admittedly, my patience is not my strength and I am always glad when its over and I am done.
My friend Shira is a lot like me in the way that she seems to truly enjoy working out. She, however, has unbelievable stamina and demonstrates such strength, both in her determination as well as her training. Her commitment to exercise every day (all while fitting in carpool, work, family and the rest of the balancing act we all take upon ourselves as modern day women). She does so with ease and enthusiasm and doesn’t let a day go by without performing some sort of VIGOROUS physical activity. She reminds me of Demi Moore in “G.I. Jane” only without the uh-hum- enhancements.  Now thats inspiring.
I can’t post this without giving a shout out to my friend Aliza in Chicago. She and I used to do Jane Fonda videos (back in the late 80’s when VCR’s were still pop up. We once rode rented broken bikes all around the Kineret River in Israel (more than 5 hours) and had to apply Ben Gay just to walk back to the bus stop home.
It doesn’t take much to turn me off but it takes a lot to impress me.
The most impressive person I am lucky enough to know is the subject of tomorrows post.
Stay tuned.

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