Its all in the smile

It’s All In The Smile….

It was so refreshing to read an article about Helena Christensen, former supermodel of the 80’ and 90’s,  acknowledging to having “every single part of (her) body fixed”. The amazonian like stunner is 42 and can still rock the catwalk like any 20 year old starlet. (Although that’s not saying much these days when “stars” are made simply by getting drunk and flashing their fake boobies on a reality show filmed at the Jersey Shore).
I was surprised to read the article as it seems that most plastic surgery is covered up like a secret government mission as though any wiki leak would kill a career – despite the fact that in actuality, it saves /enhances careers.
But reading that also concreted my theory that i have been preaching for years to anyone who will listen –  that all these so called America “idols” that young women revere and strive to be like- all have additional and often painful and costly- help along the way. I always say that if i had a personal chef, a private trainer and no other responsibility other than to look good and make paid appearances all day, i too would be a super model or famous  star. What’s so challenging about getting primped and primed all day?
What is our obsession with striving for the unrealistic goal of looking like Demi Moore? (Whom incidentally has admitted to having over $800,000 of plastic surgery over the years.) Funny part about Demi is that she and Courtney Cox are starting to look so alike simply because they’ve had the same work done. The women in Hollywood are getting their eyes, necks, ears, boobs, fill in the blank, all done the same taut way that they are beginning to look like Stepford wives.
Alls I’m saying is that it’s O.K. to be normal. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t look the same way you did in your 20’s. While I certainly would love to get Botox (my husband has threatened to divorce me if i do) I have accepted that considering my age I am looking pretty okay and despite a few wrinkles here and there, Ive discovered that a bright big smile typically distracts from the creases in my face.
So get out there, put on sunscreen, stay positive and most importantly, SMILE!!!!!
 Tomorrow starts a new week – a new workout routine to follow.

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