It’s never too late to be like Uncle Jerry


Once I was running in Central Park and just about to poop out and give in to my inner voice telling me to just stop for coffee instead of finishing my run when I noticed a woman jogging ahead of me.
There were plenty of women jogging that beautiful day but this one in particular stuck out more and made an impact on me more than anyone else.
She was very obviously in her late 70’s or 80’s.
I no longer considered the idea of quitting an option and pushed myself to complete one of my best runs.
After all, if this woman twice my age could push herself to run the loop, well sure as hell I could too.

A few years ago we went to visit my dear old Uncle Jerry in Boca Raton, FL.
At the time, he was 86 and fit as a fiddle. He chased my (then) toddler around and played hide in seek and crouched down behind furniture better than an 8 year old.
He played tennis daily, golfed a few times a week and ran 2 miles a day at least 4 times a week.
It was only when he would drive us somewhere that we remembered his true age. (I prayed more for my life and well being in those car rides while he was driving in the middle of the wrong lane than I ever have on Yom Kippur).
The irony was that when he was a young man he was much heavier, very unfit and not athletic at all.
It wasn’t until he had his first heart attack and major open heart surgery at the age of 60 that he changed his life.
He changed his diet completely and started to exercise.
He inspired me to push myself no matter how tired or unmotivated.

My husband, a natural athlete, always says that when we feel our weakest we have to push ourselves even harder. It is when you push yourself at your weakest when you have your best workout. It comes from within.
“Sometimes you just have to play hurt”.
The lesson to learn here is that no matter what your age or athletic abilities, it is never too late to start moving.
Just get up and go. Move. Do something.

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