It’s That Time of Year. (Come on, you knew it was coming)…

It’s That Time of Year. (Come on, you knew it was coming)…

I often integrate the concepts from my other blog with this fitness blog as trading and weight loss/fitness is highly correlated. I posted today about self awareness, self examination and introspection, which are the key elements to achieving your goals. For fitness goals to be attained, you must first look at what the problem is that is preventing you from getting there in the first place. What is stopping you from being the ultimate best you can be???

I’ve written countless articles about self deprecation and the unconstructive power of negative energy, but what is truly the answer to productivity is to ASSESS. Take the time now to reflect on your years performance. Have you been triumphant or has your year been a failure?

The key to effective and productive analysis is ruthless self examination of the progression that led you to where you are today. Then and only then will you experience TRUE growth. Be brutal with yourself without beating yourself up.

Ask yourself, what have I done wrong and what can I do better?

Personally speaking, my goals are lofty so I always beat myself up that I could have done more no matter what I accomplish. I blame the Virgo in me. But I also think that with my Super Star eyes I tend to achieve even more than I set out to do.

I have A TON more I want to accomplish when it comes to successes at work and to managing my stress levels. I promise myself each year via a New Year’s Resolution that I will take up Yoga. And I seem to always find an excuse that I just don’t have the time.

In life we get ONE chance to do things right.

It’s the end of the year and time for all of us to be introspective.

Do you need to hire a trainer? Maybe you need to fire yours? Do you need to add the extra 10 points to the NEW Weight Watchers program you’ve been following for years? (As a side note, I have been preaching more points for years. I have always eaten NO LESS than 30 points when following that diet. But that’s another blog.) Maybe you need switch to Jenny Craig?

Do you need to stop telling yourself you will go to the gym later and set your alarm and go before work?

Whatever it is that you are in need of adjusting, now is the prime time to make those changes.

You’ll be surprised what a little shift in mentality can do for you (and your waistline).

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