It’s up to you…..

I’ve been posting blogs for work geared toward the trading (stock market) community and i realized that i missed writing about diet and fitness. In my mind they are both connected but in a parallel way – ill explain:
Trading is a mental game- you need to stay mentally focused and astute to the psychological component of the ups and downs of the market. It can be difficult to keep emotion out of a trade because so much is vested  or riding on it to go your way.
As I’ve explained in prior posts, it’s important to know when not take stop losses- meaning admitting that your trade isn’t going to work out and to get out of the position. You need to be able to tell yourself it’s ok to quit even though you are behind and are losing money.
Working out is also in the mind. The energy and power to move and dedicate a specific amount of time to push yourself harder – to new limits- is all in your mind.
But the main difference is that unlike trading, when you are exercising you need to tell yourself that its O.K. to push harder and get emotionally involved even if you want to quit. Quitting should not be an option. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner  trying to muster up the energy to touch your toes without wincing in pain or an elite athlete training for the Ironman. There is no quitting in exercise for it to be truly effective.
It also doesn’t matter if its only 10 minutes of your entire day…. as Nike says “Just do it.”
In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal there was an article about a surgeon in his 70’s who ate doughnuts and lived a sedentary lifestyle. After a meaningful experience he had a “life change” and now completes IRONMAN marathons. (For those of you who are like me and satisfied with 4 to 5 miles of outdoor running a few times a week – you need to know that an Ironman consists of swim for 2.4 miles, bike for 112 miles and run for 26.2 miles…..not bad for a man in his 70’s.)
The bottom line as I like to say is that trading, exercising, relationships – doesn’t matter what the subject – if it’s personal and effects you on a daily basis- well, it’s all in your mind and how you approach it. Are you going to give it a positive approach and go for it or are you going to tell yourself  you can’t do it.
Up to you.

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