Just JUMP right in!!!……


I’ve written many posts regarding fear and how it can stand in your way of success, but I think its such a powerful energy resource that it merits additional attention.
By using an emotion as an action rather than a feeling, you are better able to control that notion and use its power FOR you , not AGAINST you.
Today at the gym, I had my usual 30 minutes of a crossfit session which consisted of 5 sets of 30 reps of:  push ups, lunges, squats, sit ups, pull ups, and last but not least….BOX JUMPS: my- all -time -least- favorite -suck-at-physical activity.
pastedGraphic.pdfFor those of you who don’t know what a box jump is, its a plyometric move where you jump vertically with both feet onto a step the immediately step down and repeat several times. (Anything with the preface “plyo” drains the smile right off my face. )
For some realistic reason (namely because Im a clutz and bump into walls that have been there forever) I am absolutely petrified that i will miss the step and injure myself, in which case I would no doubt cry like a baby inside while trying to maintain my composure and dignity. But then it occurred to me that jumping up n a box is no different a feat than any other challenging move i can do. The difference is in my mind. It is 100%  psychological. All I needed to do to overcome my fear was to switch gears mentally and make this action a cerebral action versus a physical one.
By telling myself- convincing myself- that I could do this, I was able to shift the emotion of fear from a cognitive reaction to a physical result.
When they say: “its all in the mind” it really does mean that its all in your head whether you can or can not.
So go ahead. Just jump!

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