Kids snacks Upon Request…..


People are always asking me for healthy snacks ideas to give their kids. For school lunch I usually give the packaged kinds like veggie booty or crunchy corn sticks which have fat but at least they are unsaturated and mostly “natural ingredients” even though I tend to find that the word “natural “ is way overused in packaging and very misleading. “Natural peanut butter “is truly just peanuts and oil. “Natural “potato chips are still potato chips.

So here are some ideas for when you actually have time like on the weekend or when kids come home from school and want give them a healthier snack….

1. Crudités platter + hummus. Cut up celery, peel and slice into round cucumber slices, celery sticks , sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes . put them out onto a pretty platter as if you were having company and setting up appetizers. Kids love presentation they will gladly dip veges into hummus or even guacamole if its presented nicely

2. Air popped Popcorn + butter spray . you can either add cinnamon and make it sweet or add season all and make it salty. Tastes BETTER than microwave popcorn and very fiber rich and filling

3. Mozzarella Cheese + garlic crackers (my favorite brand are the kind from Costco- they are delish!) or cut up string cheese into blocks/cubes and put on toothpicks with red pepper in between. Mini cheese skewers are fun to eat

4. Graham crackers . these are low fat, low sugar and easy to pack fro lunch. I eat the cinnamon kind with skim milk and they taste like Oreos in disguise

5. Celery + pb + raisins. The old ants on a log really work. They are so yum and so healthy. Use natural peanut butter.

6. Watermelon in huge slices. For some reason my kids love to hold the rind and take big bites out of a huge piece of watermelon. Its in season now so enjoy!!

7. Foamy milk +sugar packet or 2 sugar cubes.

8. I have a hand mixer that foams milk like a cappuccino. (Williams Sonoma $20 and best purchase ever!). every morning I foam my milk for my coffee and make a glass of foamy milk for my kids. They each are allowed one sugar packet or 2 sugar cubes to dip into the glass. They LOVE this drink and think its so special.

9. Fruit skewers! (anything on skewers kids will love!). cut big chunks of fruit such as pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries. If you are feeling ambitious, take a cookie cutter and cut fruit into shapes. A little messy but so adorable. Mine never turn out the right way so I don’t bother but they look terrific in magazines!!

10. Kids love to dip ….. take whole grain crackers, cut up whole wheat pita triangles or any type of vegetable. For the dip take low fat Ricotta cheese + honey + cinnamon . Greek yogurt + splenda or honey + cinnamon + blueberries makes a great dip too.

11. Matzo pizza! Ok by now you know how I feel about whole wheat matzo…..take tomato sauce and sprinkle a bit of shredded mozzarella and bake for 10 minutes. Don’t your kids love this on Passover? Why not all year round??

12. Frozen bananas….one of my favorites. Peel first, then freeze. Tastes like banana ice cream. This works with blueberries and nectarines too

13. Milkshakes + any fruit. Take ice, skim milk and fruit. Blend. Delish. For a “special treat” add fat free whipped cream to the top. My favorite is blueberry shake. I also add cinnamon its healthy for your heart believe it or not.

14. Granola bars mashed up for topping onto yogurt. I never buy the commercial yogurts with the granola on top…..just loaded with unnecessary sugars. May as well take your kids for ice cream which I prefer to do….so I instead mash up ½ of a granola bar and the kids love it. (so do I)

15. Whole wheat tortilla wraps + turkey + tomato and lettuce . warp whatever you like inside a whole wheat warp (PB& J works well too) and then cut into pinwheels. You can add a fancy toothpick- after all its all about presentation.

16. Sushi!! You can buy Nori in any supermarket and roll with brown rice either into balls or hand rolls. One of our family’s favorites. I actually munch on plain nori its just seaweed but very crispy and salty for that salt craving.

17. Zucchini bran muffins. Any muffin recipe replaces fat with apple sauce and use whole wheat flour and brown sugar. Add grated vegetable like zucchini and the yare eating veges without realizing it. This is my moms recipe from when I was a kid and not taken Jessica Seinfeld’s book so don’t sue me!!

18. Honey nut cheerios. Literally just cheerios + honey. Kids eat this every morning for breakfast with half the sugar of the commercial kind

19. Animal cookies even the iced kind are lower in sugar and easy for lunch snacks

20. Applesauce. Yup the old fashioned snack. Once in a while when presented with this option , my kids love it!!

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