Language of losers


When someone says something mean about someone in jest theres always a minimal hint of truth in their perception or more likely their insecurities about themselves. Negative thoughts have repercussions and words that come out of your mouth affect you inside.

When someone uses negative words about themselves even as a joke, they still internalize them. Words like: “I’m so fat”
“I’m a cow “
I’m a pig”
“I suck at this” or worst of all: “I’m a loser”.
These words are poison for success.

You will never hear Michael Jordan say “I’m a loser “. He may have said he did not play his best or even “I stunk” past tense about his game . He would not say” I stink” present tense but rather that he needs to improve his game. Most successful people do not say bad things about themselves. They use the positive energy of self improvement to up thier ante.

The one statement I am guilty of saying often is: ”I’m a dingy” when I bump into walls that have been there forever or walk into the same coffee table that hasn’t moved. I am known to be a klutz and I have to be honest, when I say “I’m a dingy” it’s very true and actually just a statement. Not negative or positive. Simple fact.

I do however, often say things like” I ate a gazillion nuts last night!” and then feel guilty about it. Sometimes when we verbalize negative thoughts , the negative part becomes a part of you. You need to let the negative go and encompass the positive.

Be in the current tense of” I am good at this” or “I have to work on that”.

One of my pet peeves in business is when someone leads with: “This may be a dumb question…” and then goes on to ask it. Instinctively everyone around them thinks it’s a dumb question even when it isn’t.

Start your sentences with a positive statement about yourself. You need to be your own cheerleader in life. No one else is going to believe it if you don’t.

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