Let the BBQ’s begin!!


Here we are- approaching Memorial Day already! I’m so excited for the BBQ season to officially begin.

I wanted to dedicate this post for those of you looking for healthier alternatives to traditional BBQ fare. There’s nothing new here but simply reminders on how to stay on track and allow for you to enjoy your regular favorites. These 10 simple tricks will keep the integrity of the taste but with fewer calories and sugar.

Here are my favorite tricks for BBQ’s:

1. Always dilute the BBQ sauce. Its so thick and heavy you really can use 50/50 water and sauce mix it together in a Tupperware and then marinate in a Ziploc. Tastes the exact same I swear but half the sugar and calories. You’d be surprised how much sugar is in that one bottle of sauce.

2. Sangria!! I always use a lot of cut up fruit as per tradition but instead of sugary rum I use a semi dry white wine (lower sugar) and the black cherry flavored seltzer by Crystal Delight. It’s sweetened so you don’t need to add sugar. This is my favorite BBQ drink of choice because its so refreshing and the fruit absorbs the alcohol. (Just don’t put it on the kids table because it looks like a fun drink!)

3. Guacamole! Love avocado, as you know, but I always make it super chunky so you eat less of it. For some reason when its blended its easier to dip and get more on that chip but if its chunky you’re less likely to intake too much. Ok, not the best secret tip but at least you get to eat guacamole!

4. Salsa as a dip. Also calorie free and can be used as a dressing on salads. That and Dijannaisse mustard are my favorite low calorie no sugar condiments.

5. Pita chips…..I am sometimes lazy so ill buy them in Costco but if you are up to it- the best way is to take whole wheat pitas and cut them in 4 triangles and then toast them. They are sooooo good and crispy and only 20 calories each triangle. Serve them with bruscetta and they look really nice.

6. Grilled mini peppers. I spray a bunch of washed mini peppers with Pam and season with Season ALL then put them straight on the grill. They taste like they were fried. So good. Guilt free. This works well with Asparagus too.

7. Boil corn on the cob first then put a little salt on it. BBQ it right up- kids love it. OK, nothing new here but had to add it as one of my fav’s.

8. Baked Beans! More sugar than regular beans but a sweet treat that adds 5 g fiber per serving and packed with protein. A really good option

9. BBQ Fruit! I know, sounds weird but chunky fruit on a skewer like pineapple, papaya add a really cool flare. Hey, if they can fry ice cream you can bbq fruit.

10. Last but not least my all time favorite: Salmon. Why don’t we grill fish all year round? I love it charred- adds crunch to the skin and tastes like a salmon hand roll.

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